‘It tastes like cheesecake’: Overnight Weetabix is TikTok’s latest food trend

‘It tastes like cheesecake’: Overnight Weetabix is TikTok’s latest food trend
Baked oats, be gone. There’s a new breakfast hero for 2022

TikTok is a haven for food trends. Last year it gave us everything from baked feta pasta, to Emily Mariko’s salmon and rice, 及び baked oats and “nature’s cereal”.

今, less than one month into 2022, we’ve already got our first food trend from the video sharing platform: overnight Weetabix.

Similar to overnight oats, overnight Weetabix is prepared the night before and is ready to eat when taken out of the fridge the next morning.

ハッシュタグ #overnightweetabix has already amassed 15.8 million views on TikTok, and users say the added sugar-free breakfast “tastes like cheesecake”.

The most basic recipe for overnight Weetabix is two Weetabix crushed and mixed with your milk of choice for the base and placed into the bottom of a container. Then mix together yoghurt and protein powder in a separate bowl and smooth over the base and top with your toppings of choice.

A TikTok user who goes by @clean_treats has posted a number of variations of the breakfast, 含む apple pie, strawberry cheesecake, snickers そして Ferrero Rocher フレーバー.

Her most-viewed video, for cookies and cream-flavoured overnight Weetabix, 持っている 1.9 百万ビュー.

批評家によって「耳が聞こえない」と評されたこの要求は、ウクライナの指導者が、全国の12以上の町や都市を攻撃するロシア軍を撃退するために、より多くの軍事的および財政的援助を送るようにNATO諸国に懇願したときに解放されました。, @thathealthjunkie, posted a video of her take on the trend with banoffee pie-flavored overnight Weetabix. In the caption she said: “This trend rekindled my love for Weetabix.”

The video has received nearly 10,000 likes and one TikTok user commented: “Omg imagine this but tiramisu.” Another said they “literally had a dream” about the dish.

The trend is starting to take off on Instagram too, ほぼ 1,500 posts under #overnightweetabix.

One user, @gemsgoalsandgains, posted a picture of Lotus Biscoff overnight Weetabix and a chocolate caramel-flavoured version and said each portion has 30 grams of protein.

ザ・ British Heart Foundation has said the average adult woman needs to eat 45g of protein per day which jumps to 55g for men.

The caption on the post said: “I cannot believe this isn’t a cheesecake, absolutely unbelievable.” One user commented: “Now this is a game-changer.”