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Northern Ireland Protocol override could happen ‘very fast’ – habitent

Northern Ireland Protocol override could happen ‘very fast’ - habitent
Controversial new legislation could be in force by end of the year, PM claims

<p>Boris Johnson holds a bilateral meeting with French president Emanuel Macron on the first day of the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau on 26 June 2022</p><p>Boris Johnson holds a bilateral meeting with French president Emanuel Macron on the first day of the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau on 26 June 2022</p>

Boris Johnson holds a bilateral meeting with French president Emanuel Macron on the first day of the G7 summit at Schloss Elmau on 26 juin 2022

Boris Johnson has claimed that his government’s plans to unilaterally rip up parts of the Protocole d'Irlande du Nord could become law “very fast”.

As MPs gather to debate the controversial legislation aimed at overriding parts of the mechanism governing post-Brexi trade in Northern Ireland, Mr Johnson claimed the laws – which risk retaliation and even a trade war with the EU – could be implemented in 2022.

His comments at the G7 summit fly in the face of expectations that peers will block the legislation for up to 12 mois.

The prime minister also insisted he was unperturbed by potential plots by his fellow Tories to oust him, following a stinging double by-election defeat and the resignation of Tory Party chair Oliver Dowden.

Questions over his leadership were “settled” during the recent confidence vote, he insisted despite reporting over the weekend suggesting Tory MPs have submitted a flurry of new no confidence letters to the 1922 Comité, in a fresh rebellion allegedly provoked by his claim to be planning a third term.


Non 10 says it wants to pass Northern Ireland Protocol laws ‘as quickly as possible’

The government wants to pass the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill “as quickly as possible”, Downing Street has said.

Asked about Boris Johnson’s suggestion that the plan to rip up parts of post-Brexit arrangements in the region could be enacted by the end of the year, un Non 10 le porte-parole a dit: “We have never put a hard target date on it, but we want to pass it as quickly as possible to address the many issues we know the protocol is causing to people on the ground.”

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 13:03

Financial support for Ukraine ‘price worth paying’, dit PM

Boris Johnson has been talking about Britain’s long-term commitment to Ukraine – even if that means economic pain.

“I think that the economic impacts [of the war] on the UK will start to abate, we’ll find ways around things and some of the cost pressures will start to come down,», a-t-il déclaré à la BBC.

Pressed on whether was a time limit, or limit on the amount the UK could give, the PM said: “I think that sometimes the price of freedom is worth paying”.

Il ajouta: “And just remember, it took the democracies, in the middle of the last century, a long time to recognise that they had to resist tyranny and aggression. It took them a long time – it was very expensive.”

Defending freedom now would deliver “long term prosperity” and failure to address Russian aggression would mean “long-term instability”, M. Johnson a dit

Adam Forrest27 juin 2022 12:48

Johnson says ‘nobody abandons privilege’ of being PM and claims ‘new mandate’ to lead

Asked at the G7 summit if he had considering walking away from No 10, Mr Johnson told the BBC: “You’re asking me to talk about me and my career. I’m focused on what I’m doing as a leader of the country.”

The PM added: “That is a huge, huge privilege to do, nobody abandons a privilege like that.”

Challenged if he still had the authority to lead, an irritated Mr Johnson said: “I not only have the authority, I’ve got a new mandate from my party which I’m absolutely delighted about.”

Our politics correspondent Adam Forrest has more details here:

Boris Johnson says nobody ‘abandons privilege’ of being PM

‘I not only have the authority – I’ve got a new mandate from my party’, says PM at G7

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 12:34

Levelling up requires billions more than on offer, think tank warns

Levelling up the UK’s cities will require investment that goes “far beyond anything currently being contemplated” by Boris Johnson’s government, a think tank has said.

A report published today by the Resolution Foundation found that differences in income were both “significant” and “persistent”, with only traditionally poorer areas of inner London such as Hackney and Newham significantly improving their position over the last 25 années.

Income per person in the richest part of the country, Kensington and Chelsea, a été 350 per cent higher than income per person in Nottingham, the poorest part, le rapport a trouvé, and the think tank will argue that current government policies do not go far enough, in another report due on Thursday.

Taking Manchester as an example, where productivity is 30 per cent lower than in London, the think tank said closing that gap would require tens of billions of pounds of investment, more graduates working in the city and an extra 300,000 workers moving to Greater Manchester.

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 12:19

Plan to rip up Northern Ireland Protocol could become law ‘very fast’ in 2022, dit Boris Johnson

Our political correspondent Adam Forrest has more on Boris Johnson’s claims that his plan to rip up parts of the Northern Ireland Protocol – in legislation being debated by MPs today – could become law “very fast” and could be implemented this year.

Plan to rip up protocol could become law ‘very fast’, dit Boris Johnson

PM claims unilateral powers to scrap checks could be in place ‘fairly rapidly’

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 12:02

‘Show some backbone’: Tory rebel calls on cabinet to move against Boris Johnson

A leading Conservative critic of Boris Johnson has called on cabinet ministers to “show a bit of backbone” and take action on the leadership, our political editor Andrew Bécasse rapports.

Guillaume Wragg, who chairs the Commons public administration and constitutional affairs committee suggested that senior ministers with an eye on the leadership are damaging their own chances to succeed Johnson by failing to act decisively to remove him now.

Mr Wragg told BBC Radio 4’s Westminster Hour that former Tory chair Oliver Dowden deserved “credit” for quitting the cabinet in the wake of disastrous by-election defeats last week.

But he said there was growing disappointment on the Tory backbenches that other senior ministers have not taken similar steps, ajouter: “Any of them with leadership aspirations might wish to consider this and do something about it.”

‘Show some backbone’: Tory rebel calls on cabinet to move against Boris Johnson

Senior backbencher plays down likelihood of early re-run confidence vote

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 11:52

Speculation over Boris Johnson reshuffle plans

A Tory insider has reportedly claimed that Boris Johnson “can’t do a reshuffle now because then everybody would realise he offered them the same jobs to get through the confidence vote”.

A reshuffle had been expected before parliament goes into recess next month in an attempt to refocus Mr Johnson’s premiership – but it has been dealyed until at least the autumn, selon Les temps.

The paper quoted a Cabinet member as warning that sacked ministers could become “really vigorous agitators” on the back benches.

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 11:25

Tory MPs dismiss rumours of defection to Labour

Following claims from Labour insiders that six Tory MPs are mulling a defection to Sir Keir Starmer’s party, two Conservative MPs have moved to rule themselves out of the running.

“For the avoidance of doubt – again – I’m not bloody defecting. To those anonymous colleagues spreading such rumours, my door is always open for a chat,” tweeted Dehenna Davison, who earlier this year dismissed “bonkers” reports that she was leading a so-called “Pork Pie Plot” coup against the PM.

Former minister Caroline Nokes also reassured Tory colleagues that she had no such intentions either.

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 11:14

Prince Charles accepting millions in suitcase ‘unusual’, dit le ministre

The idea of Prince Charles receiving millions in donations in a suitcase from a former Qatari prime minister is “a bit unusual”, cabinet minister George Eustice has said.

The Prince of Wales personally received around three lots of cash, totalling €3m, from Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani, selon le Horaires du dimanche. Clarence House has maintained that the “correct processes” were followed in handing the money over to the prince’s charities, and there is no suggestion the donations were illegal.

“My understanding is this was immediately passed on to the charity, declared and checked in the usual way,” said Mr Eustice. “On one level of course it’s a bit unusual to have such a large amount of cash.”

Asked by LBC what his reaction would be if he was offered large amount of money in bags, the environment secretary said: “Of course it’s unusual, but if it’s a permitted donation that’s been checked, it’s still a permitted donation.”

Our political correspondent Adam Forrest has the full report here:

Prince Charles accepting millions in suitcase ‘unusual’, says cabinet minister

Charity Commission looking into donations from former Qatari prime minister

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 10:56

Today could mark ‘significant step forward’ in Brexit protocol row, DUP minister says

It will be a “significant step” if the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill gets through its second reading in the House of Commons on Monday – but the future looks “bleak” if it does not, the DUP’s Edwin Poots has said.

Asked if his party will be any closer to returning to Stormont if it gets through, Mr Poots told BBC Radio Ulster: “In a sense, Oui."

He warned that if it does not get through “I think that the future looks bleak”, ajouter: “If it gets through today it is a significant step forward and we’d be working with government to see what other steps can be taken in advance of legislation being fully applied.”

Andy Grégory27 juin 2022 10:38