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Dog owners warned over ‘silent killer’ ahead of 34C heat

Dog owners warned over ‘silent killer’ ahead of 34C heat
Charities have also warned about caring for cats in the heat

Dog owners have been warned about a “silent killer” for pets as the UK braces for a heatwave with highs of 34C.

Parts of the South East, London and Wales could reach 28C on Wednesday and rising to over 30C from Fridaymaking parts of the UK hotter than Portugal, Jamaika, Costa Rica, the Canary Islands and Cyprus.

Responding to forecasts of incoming sizzling heat, the RSPCA has warned dog owners not to walk their pets in the heat.

The charity said to be particularly careful in places where there is little to no shade, such as beaches and fields, toevoeging: “If in doubt, don’t go out.”

<p>London and the south east will experience the warmest weather in the UK this week  </bl>

London and the south east will experience the warmest weather in the UK this week

Esme Wheeler, an RSPCA dog welfare specialist, gesê: “The truth is walking dogs in hot weather can be a silent killer.

“While the majority would never leave our dogs in a car on a hot day, or even take our dogs for a really long walk in the heat, many people may still be putting their dogs at risk even on a short walk, or taking them to places such as fields and beaches with little or no shade.

“We have long-campaigned that dogs die in hot cars, but this year we’re highlighting that dogs die on hot walks, ook. The message remains very simple – never leave a dog in a hot car because ‘not long’ is too long, and when it comes to walks, ‘if in doubt, don’t go out.’”

The RSPCA also reminded dog owners of the dangers of leaving dogs in cars alone in warm weather.

“Never leave your dog alone in a car on a warm day. If you see a dog in distress in a hot car, dial 999,” a spokesperson for the charity said.

<p>RSPCA advised dog owners against walking their pets in the heat </bl>

RSPCA advised dog owners against walking their pets in the heat

“Many people think it’s ok to leave their dog in the car if they’re parked in the shade or the windows are open. But a car can become as hot as an oven, even when the weather doesn’t feel that warm. When it’s 22C outside, the car could reach an unbearable 47C within an hour. It’s very dangerous and will cause your dog suffering and harm.”

Intussen, animal charity the Blue Cross urged cat owners to be cautious when leaving windows open after a kitten fell three storeys and fractured a leg.

Advice by the charity to cool pets down includes keeping cats indoors during the hottest points in the day, with windows open that have wire mesh or netting to prevent any injuries, and letting them out during the cooler parts of the day.

Craig Snell, a Met Office forecaster, gesê: “Very high UV levels are expected in the South this week, meaning people should really avoid being in the sun during the midday hours.

“Wearing sunglasses, a shirt, a hat and sunscreen are essential to protect the eyes and skin, and drinking lots of water is importantlong exposure to the sun can be dangerous.

“People should avoid overdoing it. We all love the sunny weather, but being sensible can help you avoid a nasty sunburn.”

Dr Mark McCarthy, head of the Met Office’s National Climate Information Centre, gesê: “Climate change has increased the average temperature of UK summers, and it is also increasing the likelihood of experiencing more extreme temperatures during hot spells and heatwaves.

“Reaching 34C during June is a rare, but not unprecedented, event in the historical climate records for the UK. But if it should happen this week it would be notable that it would have occurred on three days during the last six Junes.”