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How Sky Glass brings technology and style together in the perfect package

How Sky Glass brings technology and style together in the perfect package
With personalised features and thoughtful design, your TV has never looked this good

You and your TV spend a lot of time together. You think it would have learned what you like by now.

Your television also takes up a lot of space in your living room. It should really have learnt to look nice whether it’s turned off or on.

Mas, for the most part, televisions have never learnt to be truly smart, either in their look or their features.

Until Sky Glass arrived, isso é. It’s the smartest TV you’ve ever seen, both inside and out, with award-winning Sky built in. It’s a beautiful piece of furniture, a clever way of finding the film or TV show you want, and the best way of watching them, também.

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No dish, no box, no fuss

All of this is possible because Sky Glass is the first TV with Sky built-in. There’s no dish outside your house, and no need to plug it into a box; no fuss to go through when your TV arrives.

All you need to do is plug it in, pair it, and start playing. Straight away you can leap into its stunning screen quality and roaring sound.

Delving straight into the delights that await is easy because Sky Glass offers not only the unparalleled library from Sky – with 140 channels and incredible Sky Originals and Sky Exclusives – but all of your favourite apps, such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

O que mais, you don’t have to endlessly pick through shows or try and remember that film you wanted to watch, because Sky Glass is built around the idea of the Playlist.

É simples. Find a show you like, press the Playlist button on your remote, and the currently available episodes will be ready to watchas well as keeping track of future episodes. Save all your favourite shows to your Playlist, which brings together in one place all the programmes you’ve added from the TV guide, on demand and apps, and you’ll never struggle for something to watch again.

If you’d rather just jump in, you can do that too; there’s no scrabbling around for the remote, thanks to the Voice Search and Control feature. All you need to do is sayHello Sky, what should I watch?” and Sky Glass will answer, pulling up recommendations based on its clever learning of the kinds of shows and films you love.

In an age when you can talk to your thermostat and check in on your home from 1,000 miles away through internet-connected cameras, you deserve a television that’s just as smart. With Sky Glass, it’s finally here.

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Stunning television – even when it’s switched off

All of those smart features deserve an equally smart television to live inside. agradecidamente, eles fazem, with a physical design that is just as thoughtful and personal as the software.

Switched off, it looks better than most TVs do when they’re turned on. Precision engineering and thoughtful design mean this is a worthy addition to your living room, as beautiful and welcome as a great piece of furniture.

It comes in a vast array of colour options – from the bold dusky pink to the subtle anthracite black, as well as ocean blue, ceramic white and racing green – each of which comes with a colour-matched stand and remote, and the option to customise the fascias on the front. Inside and out, it’s the most personalised TV you’ve ever seen.

Sky Glass is also the first TV to be certified carbon-neutral, and includes a range of low-power features that ensure it minimises its energy consumption. Resumidamente, it’s a TV you can really feel good about.

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Stunning visuals and spine-tingling sound

Switch it on, Apesar, and the design really comes alive. With Ultra HD and Quantum Dot technology producing over a billion colours, watch your favourite entertainment in vibrant, more intense colour.

The sound is just as spectacular. It has full 360-degree Dolby Atmos sound that transforms your living room so that the audio really feels like it is coming from around you. And its powerful built-in speakers and subwoofer mean you have all the volume and precision you need.

If you’re watching a wildlife documentary on Sky Nature, por exemplo, you’ll be able to hear every whispered remark and see the vibrant finery of every exotic animal. But if you’re watching Formula One on Sky Sports, you’ll hear (and even feel) the full roar of the engine, and be able to watch the racing with such rich colours and crispness, it’ll feel like you’re there.

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A cutting-edge TV like this requires a similarly innovative way of buying it. And Sky is offering just that, giving you the option to buy your TV like you do your mobile phone, through affordable monthly payments.

Because Sky looks after the whole process, it’s simple too; all you need to do is place your order, have your TV dropped off and get going. Sky will even take away all the packaging to have it recycled, so you don’t have to.

It’s a TV only Sky could make, and a process that only Sky could pull off.

To pre-register your interest head to and you will be contacted via email when Sky Glass is available to purchase.