論文の内容– 1月 31

論文の内容– 1月 31
Monday’s papers are led by Boris Johnson’s policy blitz and Brexit bill.

The nation’s front pages carry the embattled PM’s fight to save his leadership with announcements as ホワイトホール and the UK await the release of the “partygate” report.

保護者 reports that ボリス・ジョンソン will try to “take back control” of the 政府 this week with a policy blitz, Brexi 明細書, and visit to Ukraine as his leadership remains under threat from the Sue Gray report and police probe.

also carries the PM’s fight to “divert attention” from his “leadership crisis”, with the paper reporting that Government insiders have given “unflattering verdicts” on the Tory party’s levelling up policy.

ザ・ Daily Express adds that Mr Johnson has vowed to “unleash (インクルード) benefits of Brexit” with a “bonfire” of red tape which will “save British companies £1bn a year”.

ザ・ デイリーメール leads with a vow from Mr Johnson to move “ever faster” cutting red tape as he unveils a Brexit Freedoms Bill.

他の場所, メトロ covers the reaction of Tory backbenchers to Mr Johnson and the Chancellor’s pledge to push ahead with a £12 billion tax rise to National Insurance.

独立者 そしてその デイリーテレグラフ both report on the looming deadline for mandatory vaccination of NHS and social care workers, with the latter saying the Health Secretary is now planning to scrap the requirement after he was warned it could lead to a shortage of 80,000 労働者.

その間, インクルード デイリーミラー そしてその デイリースター both report that Manchester United player メイソングリーンウッド has been arrested on suspicion of rape and assault towards a woman.

The percentage of solved burglaries has nearly halved in the space of seven years across England and Wales, による タイムズ.

そしてその フィナンシャルタイムズ leads with a warning from the world’s largest sovereign wealth fund that investors face years of low returns as the surge in inflation becomes a permanent feature of the global economy.