「いいえのために非常に賢明ではありません 10 封鎖されたクリスマスパーティーについて嘘をつく, カミングスは言う

「いいえのために非常に賢明ではありません 10 封鎖されたクリスマスパーティーについて嘘をつく, カミングスは言う
The prime minister’s former chief adviser also accused lobby journalists of ‘trying to bury’ the story

ドミニク・カミングス has implied that Downing Street is covering up Christmas parties during lockdown last year, saying it is “very unwise for No 10 to lie” after the prime minister’s spokesperson explicitly told reporters “there was not a party”.

Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser also alleged some political journalists attended gatherings at the PM’s flat.

Last week the デイリーミラー reported two events took place at Downing Street last year in the run up to the festive season. ボリス・ジョンソン allegedly gave a speech at a farewell gathering for former aide Cleo Watson last November, during the second national lockdown.

The other event is said to have been a staff Christmas party in December, where games were played, food and drink were served and guests stayed past midnight.

現時点では, under Tier 3 Covid rules, Christmas parties and lunches were explicitly banned in London as social mixing indoors was prohibited.

月曜日に, the prime minister’s spokesperson explicitly denied that such a party took place last December.

彼は言った: “There was not a party, and Covid rules have been followed at all times,” but declined to say whether an internal investigation had been carried out.

彼が追加した: “As press secretary set out on a number of occasions when questioned about this originally, there was not a party and Covid rules have been followed at all times.”

When asked how he could be certain that no regulations were broken at the event last December, 彼は言った: “I don’t need to get into the positions we’ve taken. It is simply just a statement of fact”.

The spokesperson added that there was an intention to have a Christmas party at Downing Street this year, although a date for such an event has not yet been confirmed.

Following these statements, Mr Cummings took to Twitter to chastise the prime minister.

彼は言った: “V unwise for No10 to lie about this but PM set the course of lying on covid in spring when he decided to start rewriting history, deny herd immunity plan, etc”.

The prime minister’s former chief adviser also accused political journalists who may have attended the Downing Street parties of “trying to bury” the story.

“NB some lobby hacks were also at parties in No10 flat so trying to bury this story…” he said on Twitter.

Mr Cummings himself infamously broke coronavirus rules during the first nationwide lockdown by driving to Durham.

stopped working at Downing Street 十一月に 2020 after losing a power struggle and reportedly being told to “never return” by the prime minister.

それ以来, he has taken to criticising the government, taking aim at the prime minister over Brexi そして COVID response policies.