Covid patient who thought he was ‘invincible’ urges people to get vaccine

Covid patient who thought he was ‘invincible’ urges people to get vaccine
Travis Campbell is reaching out to his “bulletproof friends” from his hospital bed to urge them to get jabbed

A man from Virginia, who delayed getting vaccinated against coronavirus because he thought he was “invincible”, is now using social media from his hospital bed to urge people to get inoculated.

Travis Campbell, 43, was admitted to a hospital on 22 July and was allotted a regular room, but after his situation worsened, he was moved to the Covid ICU room and then to the pulmonary ICU, his wife Kellie Campbell said.

“We just thought we were invincible and we weren’t going to get it,” Ms Campbell was quoted as saying by NBC News. “And we’ve just been so busy, and we just moved, and we prolonged getting the vaccine.”

After more than a week in hospital, Mr Campbell is making efforts to reach out to his “bulletproof friends” and make them understand that getting vaccinated will help prevent the life-threatening effects that can come from contracting the infection.

“I have never been this sick in my life!! My whole family has Covid, I truly regret not getting the vaccine. I’m testifying to all my bulletproof friends thats holding out, it’s time to protect your family, its not worth getting long term lung damage or death please go get the vaccine (sic),” he wrote in a Facebook post on 25 July.

Mr Campbell, in a video he posted on social media platforms on Tuesday, can be seen speaking a word at a time and struggling to breathe while describing his condition. He asked people if they would rather plan their own funerals and goodbyes or get vaccinated.

“I hope to God that all my friends and family would not say, ‘Somebody hand me a piece of paper and a pen.’ That’s a sobering thought, of which I have done (sic),” he said in the video.

The couple now worry he will be put on ventilator to help him breathe.

Mr Campbell said he is over “stupid conspiracies” and called for a time for everyone to be “rational and protective”. “Its not worth being stubborn like I did. PM me if you have any questions. I will help you and your family in anyway,” he wrote in his 25 July post.

Ms Campbell said she and two of their children were infected with the virus as well. She said getting the vaccine should be a priority for everyone to avoid getting into the situation her family is in.

“If you have to take time off work, if you have to miss out on something, you need to go get the vaccine, because we didn’t, and look where we are now,” she said. “I mean, that should be your top priority. Especially not just for you, but your family members.”