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Qui est Paula Jones dans "Impeachment": Histoire du crime américain '?

Qui est Paula Jones dans "Impeachment": Histoire du crime américain '?
Jones sued Bill Clinton for sexual harassment in 1994

Paula Jones, a former Arkansas state employee, is portrayed in Mise en accusation: American Crime Story by Annaleigh Ashford.

Jones filed a civil lawsuit against then-President Bill Clinton au 17 janvier 1994. She alleged that Clinton had sexually harassed her during his time as governor of Arkansas, then defamed her when denying the claims.

The case led to a landmark ruling by the US Supreme Court. Au 27 Mai 1997, the court trouvé that “the Constitution does not grant a sitting President immunity from civil litigation except under highly unusual circumstances”. It thus allowed Jones’ case to proceed.

Clinton settled the lawsuit in November 1998, agreeing to pay Jones $850,000 in exchange for her dropping the charges. The deal included no apology.

Paula Jones on 6 janvier 1998 in Long Beach, Californie

While being questioned in Jones’s case, Clinton denied having had sexual relations with Monica Lewinsky, a former White House intern. Independent counsel Kenneth Starr later alleged that Clinton had lied under oath and obstructed justice.

The House of Representatives on 19 décembre 1998 impeached Clinton on the grounds of perjury to a grand jury and obstruction of justice. A Senate trial ensued, and senators voted to acquit Clinton on both charges. He remained in office until January 2001, when his second term as president ended.

Mise en accusation: American Crime Story is a dramatisation of Clinton’s impeachment and of the events that led to it. The 10-episode season will start airing on 7 September on FX in the US.

An air date has yet to be confirmed in the UK, but seasons one and two of the anthology series aired on BBC Two shortly after being broadcast in the US.