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‘One in eight’ people think energy bills will fall this winter despite dire warnings

‘One in eight’ people think energy bills will fall this winter despite dire warnings
Experts predict that gas and energy bills will more than double this winterand it could get worse

Many Britons are underestimating the price hike in contas de energia coming this winter, a survey claims.

One in eight people think their gás e electricity bills will go down in price, despite experts predicting they will more than double.

Only one in 13 people thought bills will go up by £1,500 or more, which is what experts are predicting as the cost-of-living crisis continues to impact millions of Brits.

More than a quarter of households admitted they did not know what would happen to the price cap on energy bills.

Richard Neudegg, director of regulation at comparison website Uswitch, disse: “With the summer holidays in full swing, it’s not surprising that so many people haven’t been on top of the news about changes in the price cap.”

He urged the government to move quickly to provide further assistance to households.

In May it was thought that the price cap would reach about £2,800 by October but there are now fears it may go up to £5,000 by April.

The government promised £400 for every household in May, to be paid in six installments, and support of up to £1,200 for more vulnerable people.

But such measures have been criticised as being nowhere enough to tackle the impending surge.

“The promised £66-a-month over winter, while a good start, will barely touch the sides of the predicted increase,” Mr Neudegg added.

“The energy bill support needs to be urgently reviewed. The new predictions will leave a lot of people worried about how they are going to afford their bills this winter and beyond, based on the sky-high predictions through to next October.

“Households desperately need to know that sufficient financial support will be provided.”

He encouraged those worried about rising prices of household bills to contact their energy provider as soon as possible.