People are drowning as they try to cool off in Pacific Northwest heatwave

People are drowning as they try to cool off in Pacific Northwest heatwave
Three people died in Washington lakes and rivers over the weekend

Several people have drowned or been reported missing after going swimming in the Pacific Northwest amid the region’s record-breaking heatwave.

Three people have died in Washington lakes and rivers during the unprecedented temperatures.

One man drowned while swimming in Lake Washington in Kirkland, Washington, on Sunday morning, fire officials said.

Firefighters attempted to resuscitate the man for 30 minutes after he was pulled from the water, but their attempts were unsuccessful, said Kirkland Fire Department battalion chief Greg Picinich said. Officials have yet to identify the man.

Then a second man drowned while swimming at Angle Lake in SeaTac on Sunday afternoon, according to the King County Sheriff’s Department.

Sheriff deputies were unable to successfully revive the man, whose identity has yet to be released to the public.

A four-year-old boy drowned on Monday at Skykomish River in King County after he fell out of his kayak. Rescuers were able to recover his body but could not revive the child.

There have also been several reports of people drowning in Oregon amid the high temperatures, including a 48-year-old woman who drowned after being caught in a rip current off a beach near Lincoln City.

Several people have also gone missing after going swimming.

Officials were looking for a man on Tuesday night who went missing while swimming in Sandy River at the Dabney State Recreation Area, which is just outside Troutdale, Oregon.

Portions of the Pacific Northwest, including Oregon and Washington, have been experiencing severely high temperatures.

Temperatures hit a high of 47C (117F) in Salem, Oregon, on Monday.

Seattle, Washington, broke records on Monday for the highest recorded temperature ever by the National Weather Service at 42C (108F).

Officials across the Pacific Northwest have implored people to remain indoors if possible amid the heatwave.

But residents have also sought sanctuary in the water in an attempt to cool off from the blistering heat.

Several cities have set up public cooling centres in an effort to assist residents during the heatwave.

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