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Biden delivers infrastructure remarks after Pittsburgh bridge collapse – volg regstreeks

Biden delivers infrastructure remarks after Pittsburgh bridge collapse - volg regstreeks
Injuries were reported on the scene after roadway plunged into the ravine


Watch live as Biden discusses infrastructure in Pennsylvania hours after bridge collapse

A bus and several cars plummeted into a ravine as the Forbes Avenue Bridge in Pittsburgh’s Frick Park collapsed at around 6am on Friday.

Pictures from the area show the cracked, snow-covered bridge lying in the Fern Hollow gorge, met nooddienste on the scene.

Despite several vehicles being thrown from the bridge as it collapsed, emergency services reported there had been no fatalities, while paramedics reported 10 people had suffered injuries, including one firefighter who was being treated at the scene, Trib live reported.

Rescuers rapelled down 150ft to reach the site and a human chain was formed to help people to safety from a city bus that was crossing the bridge at the time.

Following the collapse a gas line was cut and it took almost 30 mins to shut the pipeline down as neighbouring houses and businesses were evacuated.

The collapse of the bridge came just hours before President Joe Biden arrived in Pittsburgh, known as the City of Bridges, to discuss plans to improve the country’s infrastruktuur. He visited the site of the disaster with Mayor Ed Gainey and met with first responders.

Transportation secretary Pete Buttigieg is monitoring the situation and is also set to speak about infrastructure at an event in Kansas later today.


Secretary Buttigieg tours Kansas transport projects

Secretary Pete Buttigieg tours Kansas transport projects with Representative Sharice Davids.

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Huweliksberader beskryf 'wedersydse mishandeling' tussen Depp en Heard: President Joe Biden tours site of bridge collapse

<p>President Joe Biden is greeted by Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey at the site of a bridge collapse</bl>

President Joe Biden is greeted by Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Gainey at the site of a bridge collapse

<p>First responders look over the edge where the Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed</bl>

First responders look over the edge where the Fern Hollow Bridge collapsed

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In a particularly fiery moment of his speech, the president railed against parents being unable to afford insulin for a child with type one diabetes.

“It strips you of your dignity, damnit!”

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On Pittsburgh, the president says: “Instead of people saying you’re a city without a future I believe you’re a city of the future. You have some of the most innovative businesses, you have a future with some breathing room. We need to ease the burden that is placed on you, you deserve that.”

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The president has so far touted the bipartisan infrastructure law, the US competitiveness bill — which has passed the Senate and is pending in the House — and has hopes of reviving his Build Back Better program, that is currently on hold due to actions by West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin.

The administration and Senate Democrats hope to pass “chunks” of Build Back Better.

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Biden says that just 74 days after signing the bipartisan infrastructure bill, they are starting to make a tangible difference with real investments and real jobs.

As the mid-terms approach, expect to see a lot more speeches including Made in America manufacturing, unions, tegnologie, the recent huge growth in the US economy, and easing the burden on working families.

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Senator Toomey’s previous statement on infrastructure revisted

Senator Pat Toomey, Republican Senator for Pennsylvania, released a statement this morning regarding the bridge collapse in which he said: “My staff has been in contact with local emergency personnel regarding the Forbes Avenue bridge collapse in Pittsburgh. We will continue to closely monitor the situation. Wishing a speedy recovery to those who are injured.”

In Augustus 2021, Mr Toomey released a statement opposing President Joe Biden’s “too expensive, too expansive, and too unpaid for” infrastructure proposal.

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Biden reminds crowd of home roots and electoral success in Pennsylvania

Early in his remarks, the president said: “I shouldn’t say this. I’m going get in trouble in Delaware,” and recalled that after the 2020 verkiesing, the first thing he did was ask how he faired in Scranton, Pennsylvania, sy tuisdorp.

Mr Biden leaned on the the podium and whispered: “I won every precinct.”

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“It’s about time,” President Biden remarked on the $1.6bn in funds for bridge repairs Pennsylvania will receive from the infrastructure law, while addressing the bridge collapse in Pittsburgh on Friday morning.

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Biden gives back to back shoutouts to both Lt Gov John Fetterman and Congressman Conor Lamb, rivals competing for the Democratic nomination for the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Senator Pat Toomey.

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