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Lorry plunges into Bristol harbour

Lorry plunges into Bristol harbour
‘I’ve seen people go into the harbour, even a statue, but never a lorry,’ witness says

EN lorry has plunged into Bristol Harbour, with images showing the vehicle nearly upright as it protruded from the water.

Firefighters said they found the HGV “submerged” in water on Thursday morning.

The driver of the vehicle managed to make it to safety, according to Avon Fire & Rescue Service.

The incident happened in Bristol harbour, where Black Lives Matter protesters threw a statue of slave trade Edward Colston after tearing it down last year.

“I’ve seen people go into the harbour, even a statue, but never a lorry,” witness David Hill, who lives nearby, sa.

He said he “made a small detour out of curiosity” to see what had happened after hearing sirens on Thursday.

“There were several fire engines, a couple of ambulances and police cars, and then right in front of me was the partially submerged lorry," han sa.

Images showed the white lorry coming out of the water on Thursday morning, with the cab perched on the dock.

Boats were parked nearby in the harbour.

“Initially, we were concerned with the potential for a casuality,” Gareth Lloyd from Avon Fire and Rescue Service told LBC. “We ascertained very quickly the driver had managed to escape before the vehicle entered the water. “

“We have anchored the lorry to stop it go any further.”

The fire service said crews were mobilised shortly before 7.20am on Thursday to the incident at Bristol city centre.

“A cordon was put in place and nearby boats evacuated to ensure safety on the scene,” Mr Lloyd said.

“The lorry is now secure and firefighters remain on scene to assist the recovery company in removing the vehicle.”

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