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‘It didn’t make sense’: Jorgie Porter opens up about miscarriage

‘It didn’t make sense’: Jorgie Porter opens up about miscarriage
The actor learned she was expecting quadruplets in May

Hollyoaks actor Jorgie Porter has revealed that she suffered a spontanabort three months after falling pregnant with quadruplets.

Porter, who portrays Theresa McQueen in the soap opera, fell pregnant with her partner Ollie Piotrowski in May.

De par were initially told they were expecting triplets, before a follow-up scan revealed that she had four embryo sacs.

Opening up about the loss in a new interview with The Sun’s Fabulous magasin, the actor said a scan in August, rundt 14 weeks into the pregnancy, showed she had suffered a missed miscarriage.

Also known as a silent miscarriage, this is when a fetus dies but the body does not recognise the pregnancy loss or expel the pregnancy tissue.

As the body continues to release pregnancy-associated hormones, a person may still experience signs of pregnancy.

Recalling hearing the news, Porter said: “It didn’t make sense. I’d not had any sign that things weren’t OK.”

“No pain or bleeding, I was getting bigger, my boobs were growing, I had so much hair on my body, and I still felt pregnant.

“When the consultant performed the scan then said: ‘You’ve miscarried,’ I was in total shock.”

A few days later Porter underwent a procedure under general anesthetic to have her uterus cleared, after which she received a care package containing four small teddies.

“One for each baby lost," hun sa.

The actor said she hopes that sharing her experience will help others who are suffering from a pregnancy loss feel less alone.

“Miscarriage is still a taboo subject, but by speaking out, it’s a way of coping and helping other women realise that they’re not alone," hun sa.

“Since it happened, a couple of women at work have had miscarriages and I’ve taken them aside and gone: ‘Me too. I get it.’ It’s OK to talk.”

Porter and Piotrowski, a property developer, began dating in October 2020 following a brief fling in 2014.

The actor said Piotrowski had been forthcoming with his emotions following the miscarriage, which had helped her come to terms with the loss.

“Men suffer during miscarriage too, and Ollie was so, so sad. By voicing his feelings, he got us through, because that encouraged me to speak about mine, også," hun sa.