Preacher ‘women belong in the kitchen’ sign is knocked over by student

Preacher ‘women belong in the kitchen’ sign is knocked over by student
“I guess holding a sign in Alabama that says women belong in the kitchen is a good way to get your a** kicked” said one commenter

A preacher alleged to have been carrying a sign with a misogynistic slogan was attacked by a furious student at the University of Alabama at Birmingham on Tuesday.

A man and a woman identifying themselves as campus preachers were carrying signs that witnesses said carried sexist messages, to the effect that women should stay in the home rather than getting educated.

A student, seeing the signs, attacked the man, punching him and knocking him over.

As the fight broke out, one onlooker recorded what was happening and can be heard in the background gasping: ‘Holy S***!’ as the man was knocked to the ground. Other students can be heard shouting and cheering on the brawl.

The person who captured the scuffle told the pair of alleged preachers were carrying placards that said women “belong in the kitchen, they shouldn’t be in college….just really misogynistic stuff.”

A number of University of Alabama campus police then intervened, pulling the pair apart to break up the fight.

A UAB spokesman told the “There was a concerning, very unfortunate altercation on campus yesterday between demonstrators and what appeared to be a student. We cannot comment further at this time, as this is an ongoing investigation.”