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Climate activists press Biden for more after Schumer-Manchin deal announced

Climate activists press Biden for more after Schumer-Manchin deal announced
Activists want President Biden to declare a national emergency

Demonstrators rallied outside of the Department of Interior on Monday and briefly shut down a roadway with a set of Tipi poles as they continue a pressure campaign targeting the Biden administration.

The activists, part of an Indigenous-led group called the Ikiya Collective, previously participated in a protest last week outside of the annual congressional baseball game.

Maandag, they continued their campaign by setting up Tipi poles on the street outside of the Interior Department, led by the first Native American Cabinet secretary, Deb Haaland. Activsts told Die Onafhanklike that they want President Joe Biden to declare a national emergency and take executive action to address climate change immediately.

The pressure comes as the Senate debates a bill that would provide billions aimed at decarbonising the US energy industry and reducing emissions.

Several were arrested during the group’s previous action, which occurred in an area with heavy police presence thanks to the attendance of members of Congress. No arrests occurred on Monday.

“The group is demanding President Biden declare a climate emergency and to put Native lands back in Native handsstop approving fossil fuel projects, including leases, exports, plastic plants, and pipelines. Permitting new fossil fuel projects will further entrench us in a fossil fuel economy for decades to come — and encourage the continued violence and genocide the fossil fuel industry brings to Black, Indigenous and communities of the global majority,” reads a press release from the Ikiya Collective.

The group added: “We are not victims of the United States when we fight for our sovereignty and self-determination. We will not sit by silently as we have our lives devalued by white supremacy, while we are stripped of our sovereignty.”

The legislation currently being debated by Senate Democrats would aim to cut US carbon emissions by 40 per cent by the end of the decade. It’s far from becoming law yet, egter, as the Senate’s parliamentarian has not ruled on which parts can be implemented via the 51-vote reconciliation process. The legislation also does not yet have the support of Sen Kyrsten Sinema, a conservative Democrat in the caucus.

Mr Biden is reportedly considering declaring a climate emergency but has yet to take what would likely be an unprecedented action by a president to protect the environment; White House officials have refused to say which way the president will decide on the matter.