Here are the Black Friday 2021 deals on the Nintendo Switch, Switch lite and Switch OLED, plus games, accessories and bundles from the Nintendo e-shop and more

It’s the day all eager shoppers have been waiting for, ブラックフライデー, and it’s finally arrived. The sales include deals and discounts across a huge range of products, from technology and home appliances to テレビ, 美しさ, homewares, おもちゃ およびはるかに.

Consoles, ゲーム, subscriptions and accessories are hugely popular this year, and while we expect interest in Xbox そして プレイステーション to remain high, インクルード ニンテンドースイッチ is also a highlight – especially with the new Nintendo Switch OLED having landed in the UK on 8 10月.

ライブでフォロー: 今すぐ買い物をするのに最適なブラックフライデーのお得な情報

Gaming deals will be available far and wide across the weekend, with general retailers like アマゾン, 非常に そして カリーズ having started their Black Friday sales earlier in the month. Keep checking this page for all of the latest Nintendo Switch deals across the Black Friday weekend.


The best Nintendo Switch Black Friday 2021 お得な情報

NintendoSwitchのネオンレッド/ネオンブルーのバンドルと「マリオカート」 8 Deluxe’ and three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership: Was £329.98, 今£259.99,

The red and blue neon version of the Nintendo Switch is our favourite colour variant, and now this bundle with マリオカート 8 is on sale at its lowest ever price. いつものように, you get the neon colourway with its contrasting joy-cons, as well as the black Switch dock. With this Black Friday deal, you’re essentially just paying for the console and getting マリオカート と3ヶ月のNintendoSwitchOnlineメンバーシップを無料で. Pick it up now and you’ll be racing around Rainbow Road (オンライン) in no time.

テスコ is also selling this bundle for just £239, but it is exclusive to Clubcard holders and is only available in-store.


NintendoSwitchのネオンレッド/ネオンブルーのバンドルと「マリオカート」 8 デラックス', 「JustDance2022」と3か月のNintendoSwitchOnlineメンバーシップ: £378.99でした, 今£284.99,

これは、ネオンレッドとブルーのカラーウェイのニンテンドースイッチコンソールでの優れたバンドル取引です. 基本的にNintendoSwitchを購入してから、 マリオカート 8 デラックス 通常の半分の価格で. しかしその後, 取引をさらに甘くするために, あなたも ただ踊れ 2022 と3ヶ月のNintendoSwitchOnlineメンバーシップを無料で. いつものように, you’ll get two neon joy-cons and a Switch dock for TV play out of the box.


NintendoSwitchのネオンレッド/ネオンブルーのバンドルと「マリオカート」 8 デラックス', three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership, ‘Monopoly’ game: Was £349.98, now £269.99,

Huge fan of 独占? But you hate tiny metal dogs? Then you’ll need this all-digital version of the classic Hasbro board game, which comes bundled with the console, マリオカート 8 デラックス and three months of Nintendo Switch Online membership. This is the same deal as the Argos one elsewhere in this guide, but for just £10 more and including the aforementioned 独占 (£29.99,


NintendoSwitchのネオンレッド/ネオンブルーのバンドルと「マリオカート」 8 デラックス', ‘Pokemon: Shining Pearl’, three-month Nintendo Switch Online membership and a carrying case: Was £366.96, now £309.99,

Nintendo has bundled the classic neon Switch console with the neon joy-cons and black dock together with a whole host of other extras. With this bundle, you’re essentially paying for the OG Nintendo Switch and a copy of マリオカート 8 デラックス, but then receiving the latest ポケットモンスター: シャイニングパール ゲーム (which has only been out for a few days) along with a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online and a carrying case for free. This is a great deal and will save you £56.97.


Nintendo Switch neon red/neon blue bundle with ‘Just Dance 2022’: Was £301, now £273.99,

The Nintendo Switch neon red/neon blue edition, bundled with everyone’s favourite game to groove to – ただ踊れ 2022 – is currently discounted in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. This is the lowest price we’ve ever seen it at – it’s only ever gone as low as £293.99 in the past. It comes with the dock and two neon joy-con controllers.


ニンテンドースイッチ: Was £259.99, now £230,

This is the lowest price we’ve seen the Nintendo Switch sell for this Black Friday (これまでのところ), and it comes courtesy of Morrisons, of all places. You don’t get any extra games or subscriptions like you do with the Argos deal (£359.99 for the Nintendo Switch, マリオカート 8 デラックス and a three-month subscription to Nintendo Switch Online,, but a £30 discount on the standalone console is not to be sniffed at. キャッチ? The deal is only available in-store, so you’ll need to pop in to your local Morrisons to bag the bargain. この handy spreadsheet shows all the stores that sell the Nintendo Switch.

Find your nearest Morrisons now

Nintendo Switch neon red/neon blue bundle with ‘Pikmin 3 デラックス': Was £297.98, now £269.99,

Been eyeing up the colourful Nintendo Switch console this Black Friday? We’ve just spotted one of the cheapest bundle deals at Game, which will save you almost £30. It comes with the deluxe version of the original Pikmin 3 クラシック, where you’ll grow cute Pikmin creatures, build a squad to overcome obstacles and help find food for your starving family back on your home planet. It was only released last year and now has new side quests with Olimar and Louie.


Nintendo Switch neon red/neon blue with ‘Mario Party Superstars’: Was £329.98, now £289.99,

Game is currently bundling the OG Nintendo Switch in neon red/neon blue with the newest entry in the Mario Party franchise – マリオパーティスーパースターズ, released on 29 10月. As with all Switch models, you’ll be able to play in handheld mode, docked on the TV and in tabletop mode, plus you’ll get around 4.5 to nine hours on a single charge. Superstars contains five classic boards from the Nintendo 64 Mario Party ゲーム. With £40 off, this is a Princess Peach of a Black Friday deal.


Nintendo Switch with ‘Super Mario 3D World + Bowser’s Fury’, and ‘Animal Crossing’: Was £339.97, now £289.97,

This bundle from Very sees the Nintendo Switch console included with two games and reduced by £50. The games are スーパーマリオ3Dワールド + バウザーの怒り, そして どうぶつの森. Very also has an accompanying deal that reduces the price of Sandisk memory cards 沿って 30 per cent when bought with a Nintendo Switch – handy for increasing the console’s storage.


Nintendo Switch neon red/neon blue bundle with PDP gaming headset: Was £283.99, now £274.99,

This Nintendo Switch console in neon red and neon blue comes bundled with a PDP gaming headset. With this versatile game console, you’ll be able to blast red shells in either tabletop mode, handheld or on the big screen, plus it comes with a gaming headset, featuring 40mm audio drivers and a bi-directional noise-cancelling microphone.


Nintendo Switch grey bundle with PDP gaming headset: Was £283.36, now £274.99,

This Nintendo Switch console in the classic grey colourway comes bundled with a PDP gaming headset. With this versatile game console, you’ll be able to blast red shells in either tabletop mode, handheld or on the big screen, plus it comes with a gaming headset, featuring 40mm audio drivers and a bi-directional noise-cancelling microphone.


Nintendo Switch neon red/neon blue bundle with Afterglow wired deluxe+ controller: Was £278.99, now £274.99,

Our favourite Nintendo Switch colourway bundled with a snazzy controller from Afterglow is currently on sale at Amazon. いつものように, you get the neon colourway with its contrasting Joy-Cons, as well as the black Switch dock. The Afterglow controller features two programmable buttons on the back, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack so you can listen to those sweet, sweet soundtracks on the go.


Best Nintendo Switch games Black Friday deals

‘Warioware: 一緒に!’, ニンテンドースイッチ: £34.99でした, now £29.99,

Every Nintendo fan knows that any game featuring a Nintendo character, like Mario or Princess Peach, rarely ever go on sale, which is why we are so excited to see the new Warioware game get a generous £5 discount this Black Friday. The game was released in September and has made its way onto our round-up of the best Nintendo Switch games. “With over 200 microgames to play through, Warioware: 一緒に! is a great way to gather together friends and family even if they don’t play many games ordinarily,」私たちのレビュアーは言った. “Each game takes mere seconds (usually under 5) so there’s never any time to become bored of them. Instinctive reactions are usually key here given the speed at which you need to negotiate each stage.”


‘Mario Party Superstars’, ニンテンドースイッチ: £49.99でした, 今£39.99,

Mario Party 帰ってきた, and the party is bigger than ever. Five classic boards from the original Nintendo 64 Mario Party game make a return in マリオパーティスーパースターズ, including Peach’s Birthday Cake board and the Space Land board. Plus all your favourite minigames have been brought into the fold from previous Mario Party タイトル. It’s time to get button bashing.


‘Paw Patrol the Movie Adventure City Calls’, ニンテンドースイッチ: £34.99でした, 今£24.99,

This is one for the parents who have the 足パトロール movie streaming on repeat. Adventure City Calls 現在 27 per cent off on the Nintendo Switch, so now you don’t have to merely watch pups Chase, Marshall and Skye prance around Adventure City, but actually scout around as the characters themselves. This game includes fun missions where you’ll help save the day. You’ll be rewarded with badges for collecting treats and play minigames like Pup Pup Boogie.


‘Just Dance 2022’, ニンテンドースイッチ: Was £42, now £29.99,

Everyone’s favourite game to boogie down to currently has 29 per cent off in Amazon’s Black Friday sale. The latest instalment in the franchise will see you team up with your pals to rule the dancefloor. You can track your calories, launch into ready-made playlists tailored to your own tastes and monitor your performance with ただ踊れ’s easy-to-understand progression stats.


Story of Seasons: Pioneers of Olive Town: £34.99でした, 今£24.99,

If you love どうぶつの森 but feel that you need a break from your island home, then you can’t go wrong with Story of Seasons. This revival of the popular Harvest Moon series of farming games has a similar style of relaxing yet compelling gameplay with plenty of its own charms to boot. Amazon has this fun-for-all-ages title on sale for £10 off.


Best Nintendo Switch accessories Black Friday deals

Nintendo Switch joy-con battery pack accessory pair: £29.99でした, now £17.50,

If you know you’re going to be away from a plug point for an extended period of time and won’t be able to charge your joy-cons for that extra-long gaming session, Nintendo’s official joy-con AA battery pack is the accessory for you. These attach directly to each joy-con and even work while playing, so you won’t have to pause the game just to charge your controllers up. You get four AA batteries out of the box, so you’ll be ready to go as soon as the accessory pack is delivered. それは現在持っています 42 per cent off in Amazon’s Black Friday sale.


SanDisk ultra 256GB microSD card for Nintendo Switch: Was £48.99, now £20.89,

A microSD card might not feel like the most exciting of purchases but it’s near essential if you plan on loading up on Nintendo Switch games from the Nintendo eShop store this Black Friday. This 256GB card from SanDisk landed a spot in our round-up of the best Switch accessories, with our writer saying that “setup is a simple matter of slotting the card into the clearly placed microSD slot on your console. There’s no need to format or do anything more complicated than that.”


PowerA Pokemon enhanced wireless controller: £39.99でした, now £27.10,

If you’re on the hunt for a new wireless controller, then this deal on the PowerA wireless controller is a good pick. It lasts up to 30 hours per charge and features two mappable buttons. The Pikachu version of the wireless controller won a spot in our round-up of the best Nintendo Switch accessories, with our writer saying that setup “takes mere seconds” and “it’s robust too with anti-friction rings for smooth thumbtack controls and a build that can withstand a few frustrated blows or shoves”.


Switch pro controller: £34.99でした, now £27.99,

Getting annoyed with that Joy-Con drift? Hands cramping up from trying to play Mario Kart with just one tiny Joy-Con? The Nintendo Switch pro controller might be the accessory for you. It’s more like a traditional two-handed controller, but also supports all series of Amiibo models and a multi-speed turbo mode, so you can fire more bullets rather than bashing the A button.


PowerA Everywhere messenger bag for Nintendo Switch: £29.99でした, now £20.24,

Tired of lugging your Nintendo Switch, dock, cables, accessories and bulky RingCon with you everywhere you go? This snazzy Super Mario messenger bag might be just what Dr. Mario ordered, and will take the pain out of travelling. You can fit the Nintendo Switch inside it securely, and there’s also a padded compartment for cables and the dock. It also comes with a slim case if you just want to carry the Nintendo Switch around in handheld mode as well. You can currently save 23 per cent in the Black Friday sale.



Then there’s Cyber Monday, which began as the online version of Black Friday and takes place after the weekend. だが, 再び, online shopping has caused all four days to blur together and Black Friday deals tend to cover the week, 週末, and roll into Cyber Monday too, どちらのために 2021 です 29 11月. We expect to see more Nintendo Switch deals throughout this date too.


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