PM admits trade deal with UK not priority for Biden ahead of White House visit

PM admits trade deal with UK not priority for Biden ahead of White House visit


我ら, UK Attempt Damage Control With France Following Nuclear Sub ‘Crisis

ボリス・ジョンソン has said that a fast trade deal between the UK and the US is unlikely, なので ジョー・バイデン “has a lot of fish to fry”.

The admission comes as the prime minister prepares for his first ホワイトハウス with the US president, after addressing the 国連総会 about the climate crisis on Monday.

Referring to a potential free trade agreement with the US, Mr Johnson said Mr Biden was busy with matters such as his large infrastructure package.

He added that American negotiators are “pretty ruthless” and that he would rather get a deal that really works for the UK than get a quick deal”.

Before his visit to Washington, the Tory leader insisted he had a good relationship with his US counterpart, saying their relationship was “terrific”.

The pair are expected to discuss the climate crisis among other topics during the meeting. 月曜日に, Mr Johnson said “we are not counting our chickens” that Mr Biden would give extra financial support to an initiative supporting developing countries to curb greenhouse gas emissions.



In our daily politics newsletter, ジョンストーン writes about the energy crisis and Boris Johnson’s climate speech in New York.

Inside politics: ‘There will be no three-day working week’

Boris Johnson is set to meet president Joe Biden while the government answers questions about energy prices back at home, Jon Stone writes

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Sikh MP describes racist abuse he faces for wearing a turban

Tanmanjeet Dhesi, Britain’s first MP to wear a turban, has described the racism he has faced in the UK.

で話す GBニュース, the Labour politician recalled: “When I grew up, somebodyone of my so-called classmatesthought it’d be very funny to try and pull off my turban.

“I was in tears and trying to come to terms with that as a child, and that is unfortunately the experience for many.”

He also described the racist abuse an Indian visitor who wore a turban was subjected to outside the House of Commons. “What image is that going to make of our country as he goes back to India?」


‘If I say something incorrect, it won’t just reflect on me, it will reflect on anybody that wears a turban’

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Government ‘criminally negligent’ over lack of support to Afghan interpreters, トーリーMPは言う

国防省 (モッド) and the Home Office have failed to protect Afghan interpreters who worked for the UK, a former minister has said.

ジョニーマーサー, who served as a soldier in Afghanistan, tweeted a biting response to the news that the MoD compromised the safety of hundreds of Afghan workers by publishing their details in an email.

He wrote that the government was guilty of “a criminally negligent performance”, which it had masked with “back slapping” over its evacuation efforts (during Operation Pitting).

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Dozens of Afghan interpreters affected by MoD data breach

Defence secretary Ben Wallace has ordered an investigation into a data breach which put hundreds of Afghans who worked for Britain at risk.

The details of more than 250 Afghan workers were copied into an email, インクルード BBC 報告.

に応じて, John Healey MP, the shadow defence secretary, 前記: “We told these Afghans interpreters we would keep them safe, instead this breach has needlessly put lives at risk.

“This is the second major data breach from the MoD this year, after sensitive documents were discovered at a bus stop in Kent in June. 明らかに, the defence secretary needs to get his house in order.”

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PM discusses taxation with Jeff Bezos

Boris Johnson discussed taxation during a meeting with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos in New York on Monday, ダウニング街は確認しました.

“The prime minister raised the issue of taxation, and hoped progress could be in implementing the G7 agreement on tax,」スポークスマンは言った.

The pair also discussed the upcoming Cop26 summit, agreeing on the “urgent need to mobilise more public and private money to help developing countries protect biodiversity”.

The British prime minister welcomed the Bezos Earth Fund’s 1-billion-dollar pledge to protect forests, the spokesperson added.

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UK trade deal not a priority for Biden, Johnson admits

Joe Biden will not prioritise a free trade agreement with the UK because he has “a lot of fish to fry”, Boris Johnson has accepted.

His comment came shortly before his visit to the White House on Tuesday.

Here’s a report from our politics editor アンドリュー・ウッドコック:

Trade deal with UK is not a priority for Biden, Boris Johnson accepts

Admission on eve of White House meeting dashes dream of Brexit benefits

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