Greta Thunberg leads climate protest in Glasgow – live

Greta Thunberg leads climate protest in Glasgow – live
Cop26 Glasgow news as Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and David Attenborough speak at climate summit


Watch live as Greta Thunberg joins Cop26 climate protest in Glasgow

The spotlight will be on youth activists at Cop26 in Glasgow on Friday, with Greta Thunberg set to lead a march through the city to demand climate action.

This comes the day after the 18-year-old  Swedish environmentalist suggested that talks were becoming a “greenwashing campaign” for politicians and business leaders.

It would be more of a success if people understood what a “failure” the climate summit has been, she added.

While people were gathering at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow for the protest, one of the participants, Charlie O’Rourke, a 14-year-old student from Glasgow, had a message for world leaders.

“Listen, listen to the people. Listen to what they want to say. Don’t just go for profit. Listen to what the planet needs,” he said.

Another large event in Glasgow on Friday is the arrival of a giant iceberg from Greenland to highlight the urgency of tackling the climate crisis.

“We felt that negotiators here had to actually come face to face with the Arctic, so we brought the iceberg,” Professor Gail Whiteman, founder of the Arctic Basecamp climate group, explained.


Study suggests Australia’s Great Barrier Reef can still be saved – if global warming kept to 1.5C

Australia’s Great Barrier Reef has a chance of survival if global warming can be limited to 1.5C, a target that the Paris agreement also demands, according to a new study.

The study published on Friday by an Australian university showed that only two per cent of the reef has remained unaffected by bleaching since 1998, writes The Independent’s Stuti Mishra.

Bleaching is a phenomenon where coral reefs begin to lose their colour and turn white as heat waves increase the temperature of sea water. Many coral reefs also struggle to survive due to the heat.

Great Barrier Reef can be saved if global warming kept to 1.5C, study suggests

Only 2 per cent of Great Barrier Reef remains unaffected by bleaching since 1998

Joe Middleton5 November 2021 12:21

Voices: Real force for change at Cop26 is on the streets

Young people will continue to take to the streets because politicians are making inadequate climate pledges, writes Scarlett Westbrook.

She writes:

“We aren’t going to let ourselves be tokenised by politicians who couldn’t care less about sustainability, and we will make it clear that we won’t let our voices be sidelined.”

Opinion: Young people have made history at Cop26 – now it’s your turn

The real force for change at Cop isn’t in the conference hall, but on the streets – that’s why we’re striking

Rory Sullivan5 November 2021 12:05

Doctors for XR stage ‘die-in’ outside JP Morgan offices

At an earlier protest today, Doctors for Extinction Rebellion staged a “die-in” outside JP Morgan’s offices in Glasgow.

The campaigners were demonstrating against the bank’s links to the fossil fuel industry.

Rory Sullivan5 November 2021 11:53

Protester – ‘I’m here for my children and for the generations to come’

Cairsty O’Rourke is attending the climate strike with her son and daughter.

Explaining why she was at the event in Glasgow, she told PA: I’m basically here for my children and for the generations to come to just show that something has to happen and it has to happen very quickly in order to change the trajectory that we’re going on.

“Big words are are being spoken at Cop26 and governments around the world have to be made to follow through on the promises that they make during this Cop.

“It is absolutely pivotal to the future, to us as a human race. And we don’t have that much time. So it’s got to happen now.”

She added that the Scottish government had sat “on the fence for too long” about the controversial Cambo oil field in the North Sea.

Rory Sullivan5 November 2021 11:40

Good morning from Glasgow

Good morning from Glasgow.

The Independent’s climate team will be reporting from the ground at the Fridays For Future Cop26 strike as it winds its way from the city’s Kelvingrove Park to George’s Square in the city centre.

Attending the protest will be thousands of youth activists, Greta Thunberg, Vanessa Nakate, and local trade unionists.

Louise Boyle 5 November 2021 11:31

Three-quarters of British adults worried about climate crisis

More than 80 per cent of British adults are worried about climate change, an Office for National Statistics (ONS) poll has found.

“(I’m) concerned for what we are leaving our younger generation to cope with,” one respondent wrote.

Another said: “I think the future is pretty bleak as so much damage has already been done.”

Rory Sullivan5 November 2021 11:20

Watch youth climate protest live

Watch live as Greta Thunberg joins Cop26 climate protest in Glasgow
Rory Sullivan5 November 2021 11:11

Youth climate protest starts in Glasgow

A youth climate protest has started at Kelvingrove Park in Glasgow, with activists telling world leaders “to listen to the planet”.

One of the participants, Charlie O’Rourke, a 14-year-old student from Glasgow, had a message for politicians: “Listen, listen to the people.”

“Listen to what they want to say. Don’t just go for profit. Listen to what the planet needs,” he added.

Rory Sullivan5 November 2021 11:08

Campaigners question Indonesia’s commitment to confronting climate change

Hundreds of climate activists protested in Indonesia’s capital Jakarta, shortly after the country’s environment minister said a deforestation treaty her government had signed was “unfair”.

On Thursday, Siti Nurbaya Bakar implied the authorities could not stop deforestation by 2030, despite signing up to the pledge along with more than 100 world leaders this week.

She said the plan was at odds with Indonesia’s plans for development.

Activist Wahyu Perdana said the Indonesian government was only “paying lip-service” to fighting the climate crisis.

Rory Sullivan5 November 2021 10:51

How to have an eco-friendly bonfire night

Bonfire night has long been criticised for its damaging effects on the environment.

Sabrina Barr and Sarah Young take a look at look at how the occasion can be celebrated in a eco-friendly way.

How to have an eco-friendly Bonfire Night

The annual night of celebration can have a very detrimental impact on the environment

Rory Sullivan5 November 2021 10:33