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Quarter of amber list travellers ignore Covid rules – follow live

Quarter of amber list travellers ignore Covid rules – follow live
Forty-one per cent of travellers didn’t understand the restrictions

Nearly a quarter of amber arrivals to the UK haven’t been following the government’s Covid-19 rules, ifølge ny forskning.

Noen 23 per cent of travellers either didn’t self-isolate for 10 days as required or failed to complete the prescribed set of two PCR tests on days two and eight of quarantine, the Office for National Statistics (OSS) funnet.

The UK’s national statistical institute surveyed 848 travellers who arrived in the country between 12-17 juli, only to find that 41 per cent misunderstood the rules or were unsure of them.

i mellomtiden, Heathrow Airport has been crippled by “unacceptable” queues at passport control.

Heathrow said that Border Force, which manages the checkpoint at the airport, knew there would be extra demand and said they were “very disappointed” that they did not have enough staff on duty on Friday night.

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Helen Coffey6 september 2021 08:02

UK bottom of European table for international flight recovery

International flights to European destinations in July and August reached 39.9 per cent of pre-pandemic levels, significantly better than last year (som var 26.6 prosent).

According to data shared by ForwardKeys, Greece was the stand-out, achieving 86 per cent of 2019’s July and August arrivals.

It was followed by Cyprus (64.5 prosent), Tyrkia (62 prosent) and Iceland (61.8 prosent).

derimot, the UK languished at the bottom of the list, achieving just 14.3 per cent of 2019 flight levels.

Helen Coffey6 september 2021 08:07

Heathrow queues ease – for people with the right kind of passport

Passengers arriving at Heathrow airport are reporting shorter queues for passport control. One traveller from New York told The Independent that arrivals with UK or European Union passports were able to clear the UK Border in a few minutes, while other nationalities are facing longer waits. A student arriving from Hong Kong on British Airways said she had had to wait two hours – but praised the politeness of UK Border Force staff.

“It’s not easy to be nice so early in the morning," hun sa.

On the arrivals screens at Heathrow Terminal 5, the many British Airways holiday arrivals of Sunday evening – from Mediterranean islands such as Santorini, Mykonos and Ibiza – have been replaced by business locations such as Copenhagen, Berlin and Geneva.

Simon Calder6 september 2021 08:49