Right-wing radio host says Covid vaccines coup d’etat by ‘evil cabal’

Right-wing radio host says Covid vaccines  coup d’etat by ‘evil cabal’
He has previously used TruNews platform to push racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic content

A right-wing talk show host and anti-vaxxer has come up with a conspiracy theory which suggests the government is inserting eggs in people using the Covid-19 vaccines that hatch into synthetic parasites and grow inside the human body.

In a video on TruNews, a far-right Christian video streaming platform, Rick Wiles called vaccines a “global coup d’etat by the most evil cabal of people” to control the world.

Mr Wiles added: “They’re putting eggs in people’s bodies. If you didn’t see yesterday’s TruNews, you need to watch it. It’s an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite and grows inside your body. This is like sci-fi nightmare, and it’s happening in front of us.”

Right Wing Watch, a project that monitors and exposes right-wing propaganda news, flagged the video on Wednesday.

Mr Wiles, who is also a preacher at a Florida church, has openly advocated anti-vaccine propaganda. He was hospitalised in June after contracting coronavirus. He was infected just weeks after he said that he will not be taking any of the available vaccines as they were being used to commit “genocide.”

He also said that vaccines would wipe out “stupid people.”

Vaccine hesitancy and misinformation continue to be rampant in the US and inoculation-related misinformation has hit America’s fight against the disease.

Earlier this week, outgoing National Institutes of Health chief Dr Frances Collins blamed misinformation for thousands of Covid-19 deaths in the US every week.

Mr Wiles has used the TruNews platform to peddle conspiracy theories and push racist, anti-Semitic and homophobic content.

In 2019, he had said that a “Jewish cabal” was attempting to impeach the then-president Donald Trump, Times of Israel reported.