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Gordon Ramsay shares video of his mother’s hilarious response to his food

Gordon Ramsay shares video of his mother’s hilarious response to his food
Celebrity chef celebrated his mother, and her honest opinions, on Mother’s Day

Gordon Ramsay has shared a sweet video with his ma, Helen Cosgrove, where she gave her honest opinion about his food.

Die Hell’s Kitchen star shared the video op Instagram with Cosgrove in honour of Mother’s Day in the UK on 27 Maart.

In die clip, the 55-year-old celebrity chef asked his mother to have “a little taste” of a topping that he made for one of his dishes. As Cosgrove tried the food, she made an unpleasant look on her face.

“Urgh, I don’t like that," sy het gese, regarding the topping. The reaction prompted her son to roll his eyes and laugh.

In the caption, Ramsay wrote a kind message to his mother, which read: “Happy Mother’s Day Mum! You may not enjoy my toppings but I love you xxx.”

The video prompted amused reactions from fans in the comments, with many sharing their enjoyment over Cosgrove’s candid response.

“Lol moms will be so honest with you,” one person wrote, terwyl 'n ander gesê het: “The pure immediate honesty.”

Some people made a subtle reference to how Ramsay is known for being a harsh critic in the kitchen and joked that he could have inherited the attitude from his mother.

“Like mother like son?” one person wrote: “Hahaha now I understand everything.”

Another viewer also joked that Ramsay’s mother is “probably the only person that can get away with criticising [syne] food.”

Regardless of her critiques, Ramsay has previously detailed how his mother’s career and ethics inspired him throughout his own life. While speaking to The Scotsman last January, die MasterChef star said that his mother had worked as a cook, cleaner, and night nurse.

“I grew up with my mum having three jobs," hy het gesê. “I grew up watching my mum work her arse off, and I grew up with the utmost respect for my mum.”

He also recalled his mother making him his favourite “treat” on the weekends, “bread and butter pudding,” during his childhood.

“We didn’t have… you know food like a starter, main, dessert,”Het hy verduidelik. “Puddings were a treat at the weekend, and that was bread and butter pudding that she made. Beautifully done, glazed with apricot jam, and at Christmas we’d make it with leftover Christmas pudding and Baileys.”