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BBC denies reports Strictly dancers would rather quit than receive vaccine

BBC denies reports Strictly dancers would rather quit than receive vaccine
Three professional dancers have allegedly refused to be vaccinated against Covid-19

The BBC has denied reports that unvaccinated dancers on Kom streng dans would rather quit the show than receive the coronavirus vaccine.

It was recently reported that three of the professional dancers taking part in the 19th series had not been vaccinated teen Covid-19, which was said to be causing complications ahead of the show’s live return on Saturday (25 September).

But despite overwhelming pressure, including from the prime minister, new reports from Die son suggest that the three dancers are refusing to back down and have said that they would rather leave the show than receive the vaccine.

Egter, the BBC has now shut down these reports, with a spokesperson telling Die Onafhanklike that the claims were “simply untrue”.

Vroeër hierdie week, voormalige Streng pro James Jordan joined Boris Johnson in encouraging the professional dancers to get vaccinated.

“I normally would protect the professional dancers until the cows come home but on this particular occasion, I can’t unfortunately," hy het gesê.

“If the celebrities don’t want to dance with the professionals who haven’t been double vaccinated, that makes their job obsolete. There are loads of professional dancers who would love to do Strictly, get them on there.”

Kom streng dans continues Saturday 25 September at 7pm on BBC One