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Rylan leads celebrity reactions after Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak fined

Rylan leads celebrity reactions after Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak fined
‘He’s officially broke the law. That’s it ain’t it?’ presenter tweeted

Rylan Clark is among the celebrities sharing their thoughts on the latest government scandal as many call for Boris Johnson og Rishi Sunak å trekke seg.

På tirsdag (12 april), it was announced that the prime minister and chancellor will both be fined amid a police investigation into illegal parties held at Downing gate i løpet av nedstengning i fjor.

Johnson is now the first sitting prime minister found to have broken the law.

As politicians including Keir Starmer and Nicola Sturgeon said that Johnson and Sunak should resign, celebrities weighed in, with Clark tweeting: “He’s officially broke the law. That’s it ain’t it?”

Nish Kumar kommenterte: “A spokesman for me saidGET THE F*** OUT YOU C***SSSSSSSSSSS.”

This Is Going to Hurt author and comedian Adam Kay tweeted: “NOT BORIS AND RISHI SURELY NOT I CAN’T BELIEVE IT THEY SEEMED SO HONEST.”

Piers Morgan skrev: “I’m struggling to see how Boris Johnson can survive becoming the first serving British Prime Minister to be found guilty of breaking the law. Especially when it was a law HE created to stop the rest of us doing what he then did.”

He later added: “‘Now is not the time to get rid of a Prime Minister who broke his own laws and lied to Parliament!’ Hmmmm.”

Michael Rosen twitret: “​​Dear Rishi, I’m guessing you and/or missus can afford the fine but to tell the truth I’m a bit strapped. Any chance of tiding me over till I’ve got the readies myself. I’m as broke as Croesus. Impecunius inebrius. Boris.”

The former children’s laureate, who was admitted to hospital last after contracting Covid-19, continued: “I feel all warm thinking that the way Rishi and Johnson were expressing their solidarity with me in hospital in June 2020 was having a great big jolly.

“Sozz you got fined, folkens. #SadFace.”