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Woman captures wholesome reactions from diners after placing phone on sushi conveyor belt

Woman captures wholesome reactions from diners after placing phone on sushi conveyor belt
‘This gave me a sense of peace I have never known,' un spectateur a écrit

A woman has shared the wholesome reactions she captured with her phone camera of fellow restaurant patrons after she placed her phone on a sushi conveyor belt.

Julia Franco, qui passe par le nom d'utilisateur @juliafranco.com au TIC Tac, recently created the vidéo while dining at sushi conveyor belt restaurant Sushi Sumo in Los Angeles.

In the TikTok, which she captioned: “Putting my phone on the sushi conveyor belt,” she can be seen placing her phone, which is recording video, on the conveyor belt along with the rotating food.

As the phone rotated the restaurant, it captured the various reactions from diners who noticed the camera recording, with one man raising his beer in a cheers to the video, while another customer asked: “Hey what’s up?” before making a peace sign.

The video also saw one man reposition the phone after it appeared to fall off the conveyor belt, with the customer also making a peace sign as the clip moved on.

In addition to capturing the sweet reactions to the phone’s unexpected presence on the conveyor belt, which was noticed by all but one diner, the video also offered a unique perspective of the restaurant, allowing viewers a glimpse of the backdrop and the waiters as customers enjoyed their meal.

On TikTok, the entertaining video has since been viewed more than 12.4m times, with people enamoured by the simple yet sweet clip.

“This is my new favourite video,” une personne a commenté, with the comment receiving more than 306,000 aime.

Une autre personne a dit: “What a cinematic experience honestly.”

“This made me love humans even more," quelqu'un d'autre a écrit.

Others took the opportunity to share their favourite parts of the finished result, with many praising the customer who took the time to reposition the phone, as well as one woman who didn’t notice the recording camera.

“The guy who picked it up and put it back on is a KING,”Une personne a écrit, while another commented: “Awww the person who picked it back up.”

The unique video was also met with comments from viewers who suggested that it should be used as a music video or an advertisement, with someone else adding: “This looks like the opening to a really good coming-of-age movie.”

While most of the reactions to the video were positive, a previous video created by YouTuber TkyoSam at a sushi restaurant in Japan in 2018 did not receive the same response, avec Semaine d'actualités noting that the earlier video sparked backlash among some viewers for being an “invasion of privacy”.

The video also led to Sushiro, the sushi chain featured in the video, banning cameras as a result, according to the outlet.

L'indépendant has contacted Franco for comment.