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Tipping Point viewers left in hysterics as Ben Shephard reacts to contestant’s answer

Tipping Point viewers left in hysterics as Ben Shephard reacts to contestant’s answer
TV host was seen trying to hide his smirk

Fans were left laughing at Ben Shephard comme le Tipping Point host tried to hide his reaction to one contestant’s hilarious answer.

On Thursday night’s (30 septembre) episode of the ITV quiz show, Shephard was caught trying to disguise his own laughter when one participant had a guess at a particularly difficult question.

La question était: “Which UK political party shares its name with a collective noun for moles?"

The player was unsure of the answer and so passed it on to her fellow contestant who was not certain but said: “For some reason, Liberal Democrats is screaming out to me.”

While viewers acknowledged that it was a difficult question, many couldn’t help but notice Shephard attempting to hide his own laughter at the contestant’s answer.

“I just saw this on TV and I actually cannot stop laughing,” wrote one user on Twitter who shared a clip of the amusing moment.

Un autre ajouté: “I don’t know how @benshephard holds it together.”

“This show is the gift that keeps on giving," a dit quelqu'un d'autre, while a fourth person states: “Oh it’s just magnificent.”

"Tipping Point today was absolutely golden,” commented one other person on the video, which has received nearly 20,000 aime.

The correct answer to the question is Labour.

Some people used the opportunity to share similar hilarious moments from previous Tipping Point episodes.

One scene shared sees a past contestant asked: “Which Dutch city is widely known as the ‘international city of peace and justice’?” to which they answer Belgium, which is a country.

The correct answer is The Hague in the Netherlands.