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Rebel Wilson denies using Mayr Method diet plan

Rebel Wilson denies using Mayr Method diet plan
Actor has previously spoken about being treated differently since weight loss

Rebel Wilson has denied reports that she used a kosthold plan known as the Mayr Method to help her lose vekt, and warned her fans not to “get scammed” by weight loss advertisements.

De Pitch Perfect star shared a screenshot from a Daglig post article to her Instagram story on Monday, which claimed that Wilson used the Mayr Method diet plan to lose weight.

The Mayr Method, which was developed by Austrian physician Dr Franz Xaver Mayr, is based on the idea that “improving gut health is key to promoting weight loss,” according to Healthline. The weight loss plan focuses on eliminating certain foods from your diet to enhance digestive health, such as sugar, caffeine, gluten and dairy. It also encourages certain eating practices such as “chewing food thoroughly.”

“This was NEVER my diet, please stop writing this stuff,” Wilson wrote over a screenshot of the article. “Also have NEVER endorsed any diet pills or magic weight loss pills or crypto currency.”

Wilson instructed her fans to report weight loss advertisements claiming to be endorsed by her as a scam, unless she has shared the endorsement to her official and verified social media accounts.

“It’s really annoying when people use my image unlawfully or in misleading ways,og hvordan tilby hjelp når en ung person mister livet. “Do NOT want anyone to get scammed.”

De Bridesmaids actor has been documenting her health and fitness journey on social media after declaring 2020 a “year of health.” Since then, Wilson has lost more than 75 pund. I juli 2021, Wilson revealed that her decision to start a new fitness regime was in part due to improving her chances of getting pregnant, after previously being diagnosed with polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

I et intervju med Mennesker, the 42-year-old actor and comedian detailed her high-protein diet, and shared that she used to eat 3,000 calories a day. “Before I was probably eating 3,000 calories most days, and because they were normally carbs, I would still be hungry,og hvordan tilby hjelp når en ung person mister livet.

"Så, I’ve really changed to eating a high-protein diet, which is challenging because I didn’t used to eat a lot of meat,”La hun til. “I eat fish, salmon, and chicken breast.”

Wilson has also spoken candidly about being treated differently by people since losing weight, with the actor describing encounters such as holding doors open for her or carrying her groceries.

“I like to think I looked good at all sizes and stuff and I’ve always been quite confident. So it wasn’t like I wasn’t confident and then now I’m, som, super confident,” she said during an appearance on The Morning Crew With Hughesy, Ed and Erin. “I think what’s been really interesting to me is how other people treat you.

“Sometimes being bigger, people didn’t necessarily look twice at you. And now that I’m in a good shape, som, people offer to carry my groceries to the car and hold doors open for you. jeg var som: ‘Is this what other people experienced all the time?'"

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