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Everything Everywhere All At Once smashes A24 box office record

Everything Everywhere All At Once smashes A24 box office record
Film has been hit with critics and audiences

Everything Everywhere All At Once has smashed A24’s US box office record.

Michelle Yeoh stars in the sci-fi thriller about a Chinese American immigrant who finds herself caught up in the multiverse.

Op Saterdag (21 Mei), the film passed $52.26m (£41.8m) in the US box office, the amount made by production company A24’s previous record holder Uncut Gems.

Other box office hits for the studio have included Lady Bird en Moonlight. Egter, Hereditary is still its overall highest grossing globally film, alhoewel Everything Everywhere All At Once could pass this now the film has been released around the world.

The film has also been a hit with critics. In a five-star review, Die Onafhanklike’s Clarisse Loughrey said Everything Everywhere All At Once’s portrayal of the multiverse “leaves Marvel in the dust”.

“While Marvel executives huddle around conference tables, braiding together franchises in a grand show of corporate synergy, here’s a film that really understands what the infinite might look like," sy het geskryf.

In 'n onderhoud met Die Onafhanklike, 59-year-old Yeoh said that she’d been waiting throughout her career to finally be given a lead role.

“I waited a long time for this, and luckily it came," sy het gese. “Some people wait their whole life and the opportunity might never come. I was patient. I was resilient. I never stopped learning. And so I was ready when the opportunity did present itself.”

Everything Everywhere All At Once is in cinemas now.