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‘Irreplaceable’ vinyl records sold at car boot sale by mistake

‘Irreplaceable’ vinyl records sold at car boot sale by mistake
Die 16 precious albums sold for just £15.50

A woman has told of her horror after she mistakenly flogged a set of first press vinyl records for less than £1 each.

Rohan Mellor described the 60s and 70s records, sold to a man at the event in Rowsley, Derbyshire, on Sunday for £15.50 as “irreplacable”.

The inherited collection, which Ms Mellor said was being stored by a relative while she moved house, included albums by The Rolling Stones, Die besies, David Bowie, AC/DC, The Clash and The Who.

She said the relative taking care of the records, who had suffered a recent bereavement, had mixed up the precious albums with items she had been clearing out from her home.

Mrs Mellor said she was “utterly shocked and horrified” that vinyl records, collected by her father and uncle, had been sold. Following the death of her uncle, the Buxton resident said her father had given them to her and her sister.

“It did not really hit me properly until the next day and I was really, really upset," die 26-year-old told the BBC.

“I am a massive record fan. These were a special few [my dad] had given to us.”

Mrs Mellor, who said she was “desperately hoping” someone could help, wrote a post about the incident on Facebookwhich has since been shared more than 700 keer.

With the assistance of her husband Rob, who will attend this weekend’s car boot at the same location, she has contacted a number of local record dealers in a bid to find the Rowsley buyer.

Mrs Mellor said: “We are more than happy to pay to get them back. I just want them back.

“It was never about the financial value of them. They were really important.”