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Oppfrisk håret akkurat i tide til en høstoppussing med Christophe Robin

Oppfrisk håret akkurat i tide til en høstoppussing med Christophe Robin
It’s never too late to treat your hair

Now that summer has official come to an end and winter climes lay ahead, there’s never been a better time to invest in your haircare.

It’s no secret that the sun does not do wonders for our locks, but with the right products, you’ll be able to restore your hair to its pre-sunshine glory days in no time.

That’s where Christophe Robin comes in. You may already be familiar with the luxury Parisian brand that has been famed for its trailblazing approach to hair and scalp health.

Created by world-leading colourist Christophe Robin, the brand has been delivering pioneering haircare for more than 20 år, using highly concentrated yet gentle formulas that are made from precious natural-origin ingredients, all of which are free from silicones, parabens and SLS.

This September, selv om, Christophe Robin has undergone a revamp, re-designing its entire aesthetic while maintaining its iconic formulas to include a new, contemporary logo and updated packaging that has improved functionality.

Nå, the entire collection will be packaged in white, with the branding offering clear and practical solutions to hair care. I tillegg til, it will now be easier to distinguish between shampoos and conditioners, with the latter now offered in a tube format.

Sustainability has also been priorities, with Christophe Robin becoming plastic neutral from September, having partnered with rePurpose Global: the world’s first plastic credit platform dedicated to reducing waste.

I tillegg, for every product the brand now sells, it will also donate a percentage towards collecting and recycling the equivalent amount of plastic waste used in its packaging and operations, resulting in a Net Zero Plastic Footprint with certification.

Here’s everything you need to know about Christophe Robin’s various ranges.

To regenerate

This range is designed to repair and replenish damaged hair with products powered by prickly pair oil, an ingredient proven to protect and rejuvenate the hair fibre.

Regenerating Shampoo, with prickly pear oil – 250ml: £31

Regenerating Mask, with prickly pear oil – 250ml: £ 50

Regenerating Serum, with prickly pear oil – 50ml: £ 40

Shop the range here

To purify

The Purifying range is designed to revitalise the strength of minerals in the scalp and the hair by soothing discomfort, calming itchiness, and generally just reinvigorating the hair through two products designed to be used together.

Cleansing Purifying Scrub, with sea salt – 250 ml: £42 (also available in 75ml: £ 18)

Purifying Conditioner Gelee, with sea minerals – 200ml: £ 28

Shop the range here

To hydrate

These products do what they say on the tin: hydrate your hair. Made with aloe vera, you can expect silky soft hair and instant weightless moisture with these products.

Hydrating Shampoo, with aloe vera – 250ml: £29 (also available in 500ml: £ 36)

Hydrating Shampoo Bar, with aloe vera – 100g: £ 17

Hydrating Melting Mask, with aloe vera – 200ml: £ 28 (also available in 75ml: £ 15)

Shop the range here

To volumise and densify

For those whose locks are looking a little lacklustre, this is the range for you. The Volumising and Densifying range is packed with products designed to pump volume into the thinnest of hairs, while also boosting body and density.

Cleansing Volumising Paste, with rose extracts – 250ml: 40 (also available in 75ml: £ 18)

Delicate Volumising Shampoo, with rose extracts – 250 ml: £29 (also available in 500ml: £ 39)

Delicate Volumising Conditioner, with rose extracts – 200ml: £ 30

Instant Volumising Leave-in Mist, with rose water – 150ml: £ 30

Cleansing Thickening Paste, with Tahitian Algae – 250ml: £ 40

Shop the range here

To protect, enhance and cover colour

To protect

Protecting coloured hair can be a nightmare, but this range simplifies the process with products that lock in pigmentation for vibrant colour, no matter how often you wash your hair.

Colour Shield Shampoo, with camu-camu berries – 250ml: £29

Colour Shield Mask, with camu-camu berries – 200ml: £ 30

To enhance

If you’ve lost some of your colour, frykt ikke. This range is designed to restore brightness to dull shades that have faded over time.

Shade Variation Mask – 250ml: £ 39 (also available in 75ml: £ 16)

Available shades: Baby Blonde, Golden Blonde, Ash Brown, Chic Copper

To cover

If you can’t stand the sight of your grey hairs, this is the product range for you, with colour gels being the ultimate ally for maturing locks.

Temporary colour gel – 100ml: £ 30

Available shades: Golden Blonde, Dark Blonde, Light Chesnut, Dark Chesnut

Shop the range here

To give your hair an autumn refresh, setter kursen mot Christophe Robin i dag.