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Falske hjemmekontorets nettsted avskrekker afghanske flyktninger fra å reise til Storbritannia

Falske hjemmekontorets nettsted avskrekker afghanske flyktninger fra å reise til Storbritannia
Eksklusiv: Labour calls website ‘dishonourable and underhand’ as Afghans abandoned at end of UK withdrawal

Afghan asylum seekers are being discouraged from attempting journeys towards Britain by a government website posing as an unbiased source of “free, reliable and important information”.

Labour called the website “dishonourable and underhand”, as the head of the armed forces said hundreds of Afghan civilians who are eligible to come to the UK were left behind when the last evacuation flight left Kabul.

General Sir Nick Carter admitted on Saturday that “we haven’t been able to bring everybody out” and said the number of eligible Afghans remaining in the country was in the “high hundreds”.

“They will always be welcome in Britain and if there are other ways of them getting out then they will definitely be welcome,"Sa han til BBC Radio 4's I dag program.

But a website set up by the government claiming to offer “reliable migration information” does not provide details of official evacuation and resettlement schemes for Afghans, or on how to seek asylum in the UK.

“On The Move”, which contains no government branding and uses a .org domain commonly associated with charities, remains online a month after Den uavhengige exposed its Home Office links.

The website contains a series of pages detailing safety risks along sea and land routes towards the UK and tells readers: “The UK asylum process does not offer any advantages. It is safer and easier to apply for asylum in the country you are in now.”

Following a complaint to the Information Commissioner, the English-language version of the website has been updated to say information was “provided by the Home Office on behalf of the UK government”.

But two other versions of the site which are aimed at Afghan migrants, in Pashto and Dari and accompanied by Afghan flags, have not been updated.

They tell readers that On the Move “provides reliable information to migrants in transit” to help them avoid the “dangers of illegal immigration” and “make informed decisions”.

Nick Thomas-Symonds, Labours skygge innenrikssekretær, called the website “dishonourable and underhand”.

“Nobody wants to see people risking their lives in the English Channel," han fortalte Den uavhengige. "Derimot, rather than funding a secretive and misleading website, the UK government should be concentrating on sorting out their own serious failings that have brought us to this point.

“That includes getting a workable deal with France to tackle people trafficking gangs, putting safe and legal routes back in place and addressing the factors that are driving so many desperate people from their homes in the first place.”

The Pashto version of the ‘On The Move’ website, which is also published in Dari. Both are official languages of Afghanistan

Priti Patel has said she is “dedicated” to helping those who do not escape Afghanistan as part of the UK’s withdrawal, and announced a new resettlement scheme for 20,000 mennesker.

But the rushed evacuation operation has been criticised, and warnings of a terror threat to huge crowds at Kabul Airport came to fruition with an Isis suicide bombing on Thursday.

Critics have said the new resettlement scheme is insufficient for the number of asylum seekers, including those with links to the UK, and called for the government to widen safe and legal routes.

i mellomtiden, mer enn 3,000 Afghan asylum seekers who are already in the UK are “in limbo” after all official guidance used to decide their applications was deleted by the Home Office.

Ministers are still pressing ahead with new laws that would criminalise asylum seekers arriving by boat or any other irregular method, and allow the government to refuse to consider their claims.

The On The Move website tells migrants that the UK “regularly returns people who enter via irregular routes and have no right to be there”, although no deportation agreements have been struck with EU countries since Brexit.

“Those who seek to come to the UK unlawfully and the ruthless criminals who facilitate journeys are all breaking the law and endangering lives,” it adds.

Versions of the website aimed at Afghans urge them to contact On the Move for “free and confidential advice”, without telling them they would be contacting agents of the British government.

A spokesperson for the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) sa: “Organisations must use people’s data transparently. This means organisations must be clear, open and honest with people from the start about who they are, and how and why they use their personal data.

“If anyone is concerned about how their data has been handled, they can make a complaint to the ICO and we will look into the details.

“We have received a complaint on this matter and we will be assessing the information provided.”

The Home Office said the On The Move website was being updated, and that pages in Pashto, Dari, Kurdish and Arabic will have information and a link to the UK government website on the homepage.

It is part of wider efforts by the government to discourage asylum seekers who have already reached France and Belgium from continuing their journey to the UK, amid record crossings.

Facebook and Instagram posts linking to the website were pushed out to asylum seekers in the countries in multiple languages as part of a campaign that cost the government £23,000 between December and April.

The Home Office said posts linking to On The Move were made from its “clearly-branded” official Facebook and Instagram accounts during the period.

It said personal information was not being collected through the website, or being shared with the Home Office.

A spokesperson added: “We are seeing an unacceptable rise in dangerous and unnecessary small boat crossings. While lives are risk, we make no apology for providing potentially lifesaving information to migrants and highlighting the risk of these deadly journeys.