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Rare orange lobsters saved from fishmongers rehomed at aquarium

Rare orange lobsters saved from fishmongers rehomed at aquarium
Crustaceans plucked from fish counter and rehomed in Birmingham Sea Life Centre

Two rare orange homards destined for a dinner plate have been saved from a fish counter in Leicester and rehomed in a Birmingham aquarium.

The animals, which were being sold for £25.50 each, have been sent to the National Sea Life Centre, Birmingham, where they will live out their days.

The unusual lobsters were spotted on display at Leicester’s Meridian Business Park by caterer Joseph Lee.

He suggested the fishmonger donate the crustaceans to the centre since due to their rare, bright orange colouring.

Mr Lee told the SWNS news agency: “I saw these two orange lobsters from a distance and thought they were toys because that’s the only time I’ve seen them orange apart from when they’re cooked.

”I got closer and noticed they were alive. I couldn’t believe my eyes.

“Rob the fishmonger told me they were really, really rare lobsters and to get one in the tank was a one in 30 million chance so the chances of having two are one in a billion.”

Il ajouta: ”I spoke to the manager of the catering division who said they would donate them to a Sea Life Centre.

“It’s just incredible to see two of these amazingly coloured lobsters. I’m glad they’ve been saved so they can be enjoyed by people.”

Caterer Joseph Lee spotted the pair at the fish counter in a branch of Makro Wholesale before convincing the fishmonger to donate them to the aquarium

Anthony Burrage, manager of the Makro store, told SWNS: “We have donated them to Birmingham Sea Life centre.

”After they arrived in the store from our delivery partners we realised they were unique and not the norm we called our Quality Assurance department and they did the rest.

“They called Birmingham Sea Life and they were collected on Saturday.”

L'indépendant contacted National Sea Life Centre in Birmingham for comment.

Last year a similar looking orange lobster was spotted at Neve Fishmongers in Fleetwood, Lancashire, which donated the animal to Sea Life Blackpool.

Scott Blacker, a curator at the Blackpool aquarium, described the shade of the rescued invertebrate’s shell as “extremely rare”.

“Its striking and extremely unusual orange colour is actually only found in one in 30 million Canadian lobster," il a dit.

“It really is something very special.”