観光客のお気に入りスペイン, ギリシャとイタリアは琥珀色のリストに残っています

観光客のお気に入りスペイン, ギリシャとイタリアは琥珀色のリストに残っています
Most of Europe’s tourism big hitters fail to go green

Most of Europe’s tourism big hitters failed to go green in the government’s latest update of its traffic light system for international travel.

運輸省 (DfT) has announced a review of its green, amber and red lists, with changes due to come into effect at 4am on Sunday 8 イギリスの8月.

Mainland Spain, ギリシャ そして イタリア have all remained on the 琥珀色のリスト in the latest reshuffle.

ポルトガル, once the only mainstream holiday destination to achieve green status, also remains stuck on amber, necessitating 10 days of quarantine and two PCR tests for all unvaccinated adults returning to the UK.

しかしながら, a further seven countries have been upgraded to green in the review, announced on 4 8月, meaning arrivals into England can swerve self-isolation even if they’re not double-jabbed: オーストリア, ドイツ, スロベニア, スロバキア, ラトビア, Romania and Norway.

The green and green watchlist is now comprised of 36 places in total.

On the other end of the spectrum, ジョージア, メキシコ, La Reunion and Mayotte have plunged from amber to red to safeguard the domestic vaccine rollout.

The list of 60 red list countries come with the harshest restrictions, with returning travellers forced to prebook 11 nights in a government-mandated quarantine hotel. The price includes an airport transfer, all meals and two PCR tests to be taken on day two and day eight.

It previously cost £1,750 per solo traveller, but the price will shoot up to £2,285 for a single adult and £1,430 for a second adult from 12 8月.

現在, only those with British residency are allowed into the UK from red list countries.

現在のところ, 完全にワクチン接種 旅行者 from the UK, US and EU, as well as under 18s, can skip 検疫 when arriving from amber-listed , although they are still required to take a day two PCR test in addition to a lateral flow test before departing for the UK.

グラントシャップス, the secretary for transport, said in the update: 「私たちは安全に海外旅行を開くことに取り組んでいます, 成功した予防接種プログラムを通じて得た利益を活用する, 家族をつなぐ手助け, 世界中の友達や企業.

「私たちは引き続き注意を払う必要がありますが, 今日の変更により、世界中のさまざまな休暇の目的地が再開されます, これは、セクターと旅行者の両方にとって朗報です。」