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Atomic Kitten fans react to Gareth Southgate remix ‘Football’s Coming Home Again’

Atomic Kitten fans react to Gareth Southgate remix ‘Football’s Coming Home Again’
Football fans have previously changed the lyrics to cheer on manager’s team

Fans are reacting to Atomic Kitten’s remix of 2001 single “Whole Again”, which celebrates England manager Gareth Southgate ahead of the Euro 2020 demi-finale.

The remix was released this week with “a Euros 2020 twist for England fans”, with the chorus changed to: “Southgate you’re the one/ You still turn me on/ Football’s coming home again.”

The song had become a crowd anthem at games, with fans replacing the original lyrics themselves. pourtant, it had not been performed by the group until now.

The trio performed the new version of the song at Box Park Croydon after England beat Ukraine 4-0.

“It’s been a whirlwind couple of days, but we are super excited and grateful to be able to contribute to the awesome energy and patriotism that is filling the England Streets with this version of ‘Whole Again’.

“Totally inspired by the England Football fans in support of Gareth Southgate and the super talented England Football team, we will be singing loud and proud, ‘Football’s Coming Home!’” the group said in a statement.

The official release received mixed reactions from fans, with some joking that it could have jinxed England ahead of their match against Denmark today (Mercredi 7 juillet).

“Southgate getting Atomic Kitten back together! Is there anything this man can’t do?!” one fan wrote in response to the live performance.

“THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE,” another said.

“Atomic Kitten after releasing the Southgate version of whole again the day before England play in the euros semi final," une personne a tweeté, along with the popular “so random” meme.

“If you’re not listening to Atomic Kitten’s remix of their own song “Southgate you’re the one” are you even an England fan?” another asked.

“Alexa, Play Atomic Kitten, Southgate you’re the one… No, really.. .” one fan tweeted.