Aldi replaces Kevin The Carrot in Christmas advert with new character

Aldi replaces Kevin The Carrot in Christmas advert with new character
Supermarket to unveil full advert on 11 November

Aldi has released a teaser for its annual Christmas advert, revealing that it has replaced its famous Kevin The Carrot character with a new animated figure.

For the past five years, the supermarket has created popular campaigns revolving around Kevin The Carrot.

However, the beloved character was nowhere to be seen in the new trailer, which marked the debut of Ebanana Scrooge, a banana who hates Christmas.

The 20-second teaser shows a child Ebanana waiting for Santa Claus while snuggled up next to a mince pie in front of a roaring log fire on Christmas Eve.

A mystery hand then appears on screen and takes the mince pie, leaving the banana behind on his own.

A distressed Ebanana shouts: “Santa, wait…why didn’t he take me?”

The character then jumps up in anger and declared: “I hate Christmas”.

The full advert will be released on 11 November.

Aldi released the teaser on Twitter alongside the caption: “The start of a new tradition…”

However, not everyone was thrilled by the replacement of Kevin The Carrot.

“Where is Kevin? Is he safe? Is he alright?” tweeted one person.

Another added: “I don’t know why I care as much as I do…call me sad but I am literally waiting on Kevin to make his appearance to kick off the Christmas vibes! The banana is a-peeling but just not as orange-inal as Kevin. [sic].”

One person even teased that he told his children Kevin had coronavirus and was currently in isolation, hence his absence from the advert.

Many people, though, were excited by the introduction of a new character.

“I think #EbananaScrooge is gonna grow on me. Soooo cute!” tweeted one person. “He’s going to be a great replacement for the previously much-loved #KevinTheCarrot.”