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L'armée américaine annoncera l'obligation de vaccins obligatoires pour les troupes

L'armée américaine annoncera l'obligation de vaccins obligatoires pour les troupes
The announcement comes as Covid is surging across the nation

All active duty US military personnel will soon need to be vaccinated against the coronavirus, selon les reportages.

Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin is expected to announce the policy this Friday, Le New York Times signalé.

The new policy would cover roughly 1.3 million people who serve in the US armed forces.

The potential policy, which has not been publicly announced, follows an announcement from president Biden that all federal employees and on-site contractors must get the jab or submit regular Covid test results.

Mr Austin previously said he wouldn’t imposed a vaccine mandate until the treatments were fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration.

Under federal rules, the final determination about service members being vaccinated rests with the president, who must grant a waiver to the Defense Department.Experts are hopeful that more Americans will overcome their vaccine hesitancy when the see US soldiers getting the treatment.

“When people see that these guys got the vaccine and nothing happened to them, that could be decisive,” Dr. Ezekiel J. Emanuel, a University of Pennsylvania bioethicist and Biden transition adviser, dit au Fois. “People admire our military. They can serve as a positive example.”

Jusqu'ici, the vaccination rate within the military has lagged behind what officials had hoped.

As of mid-July, 70 per cent of active-duty troops, who already get numerous other vaccines in the course of serving, had at least one shot of the vaccine. Military leaders had previously hoped the entire military would be vaccinated by then.

That’s still higher than the overall US vaccination rate. 58 per cent of Americans have received at least one dose of the vaccine, and just under 50 pour cent sont complètement vaccinés.

Secretary Austin, who recently returned from an overseas tour, has taken pains to stress proper Covid protocols, often seen wearing a mask and fist-bumping his foreign counterparts.

He’s been so careful, En réalité, that he drew the ire of Republicans, who accused him of “Covid theatre” for wearing a face shield and mask during his visit to the Philippines, even though he was following local requirements.