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Extinction Rebellion apologise in advance to Cornwall residents for planned G7 protests

Extinction Rebellion apologise in advance to Cornwall residents for planned G7 protests
‘We’re drowning in promises, act now,’ activists urge G7 leaders

Uitwissingsopstand activists in Cornwall have apologised in advance to people living in Falmouth for any disruption the group’s protests at the G7 meeting cause.

The group told local newspapers that some disruption was “inevitable” at the international summit of world leaders in Carbis Bay, near St Ives, 20 miles from Falmouth, which will take place from 9-11 Junie.

The summit is expected to set the international tone for negotiations on the biodiversity and climate crises ahead of the UN’s Cop26 climate summit in Glasgow in November.

Extinction Rebellion has warned G7 leaders that making promises to meet climate targets is not enough and action to reduce emissions must happen now.

The group said: “Over this weekend we’re planning a series of Covid-safe, nonviolent mass participation actions across mid-Cornwall; from Carbis Bay and St Ives to Falmouth and beyond.

“We will be on the beaches, headlands and town streets bringing our message to the G7: We’re Drowning In Promises; Act Now!”

But ahead of the action, the Falmouth and Penryn branch of Extinction Rebellion sent a letter to local paper the Falmouth Packet to apologise for the disruption the group’s planned peaceful march could have, and to explain why they are doing it.

According to the paper, the group said: “In June we plan to protest during the G7 Summit, this letter explains why. But before that, an apology. We know that the G7 Summit will cause disruption and it is likely that our presence will add to this.

“We have done our best to plan our actions to be peaceful, creative, artistic and Covid safe. We have also planned to minimise disruption, but believe that some is inevitable. We sincerely apologise in advance for any additional disruption that we cause.”

The meeting will be the first gathering of G7 leaders since the coronavirus pandemic began.