10-year-old fidget toy maker set to retire by age 15

10-year-old fidget toy maker set to retire by age 15
Pixie plans to use some of her earnings from this year to buy her mother hair extensions

A 10-year-old entrepreneur from Australia – who has a toy and hair accessory empire – is set to retire by the age of 15, her mother has revealed.

In May, Pixie Curtis and her mother, PR firm director Roxy Jacenko, launched Pixie’s Fidgets – a colourful range of fidget toys which made more than $200,000 (£106,000) in its first month.

During a joint interview with Australia’s Stellar magazine this week, Jacenko said her daughter’s “entrepreneurial spirit” means she can look forward to an early retirement.

“You won’t need to worry; you can retire at 15 the way you’re going,” Jacenko told Pixie.

“What is the most exciting thing for me is the entrepreneurial spirit that she has at such a young age. I never had it, although it was drummed into me that I had to succeed,” Jacenko continued.

“When I was 14, I got a job at McDonald’s because that’s what you did back in my day. So, I guess to me the biggest thing is her drive as an entrepreneur. Yes, I’ve enabled it, but she’s still got it, which is for me the most rewarding part.”

Pixie’s Fidgets is not the only business the duo work on together. When Pixie was a baby, Jacenko launched a range of hair accessories named Pixie’s Bows.

The fidgets and hair accessories are sold on the Pixie’s Pix website, which also stocks toys, slime, socks, bead kits and other children’s goods.

According to the website, Jacenko oversees all product development, marketing and branding while Pixie is in charge of product testing.

This Christmas, Curtis – who has amassed almost 90,000 followers on Instagram – plans to spend some of her earnings on a new wardrobe for her mother.

“I’m going to get her some new clothes because she has no good clothes at all, and I also want to get her some real hair because she desperately needs hair extensions,” the youngster said.

Following a successful year, the family is also considering spending Christmas abroad.

“Today, my friend told me his family are going to Paris for Christmas and I think that’s just wonderful,” Pixie said.

“So, I told Mum I think we should go to my favourite place, which is Fiji.”