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Everything to know about the new and returning cast members of Cheer

Everything to know about the new and returning cast members of Cheer
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Back when the Netflix documentary series Cheer was released at the beginning of 2020, it gained major success as viewers became enthralled in the ups and downs of college cheer through the eyes of pom-pom girl coach Monica Aldama and her team at Navarro College.

After two years, the show is now making its return, as Aldama’s team gears up to compete against a major rival, Trinity Community College. As the show highlights new competition in season two, it has also welcomed a few new cast members.

This season includes new cheerleaders at Navarro and members of the Trinity Community College’s team. pourtant, some of your favourite faces and cheerleaders from season one will also be making their return to Cheer.

New Characters:

Gillian Rupert

Rupert first became a Navarro cheerleader back in 2019. She recently shared sur Instagram that she’s been preparing for the United Cheerleading Association’s (UCA) Nationals competition.

Cassadee Dunlap

Dunlap has also been a part of Navaro’s cheer team since 2019. Aside from cheering, she’s done some influencer work, as she has shared some of her favourite products from beauty company Loving Tan sur Instagram this past November.

Maddy Brum

Brum joined Navarro’s cheer team in 2019 également. And while she’s still featured in Cheer, Brum recently left Navarro and joined the Wildcats, which is a part of Cheer Athletics, one of the largest cheerleading programs in the country.

Vontae Johnson

Johnson is the head coach for Trinity Valley Community College’s (TVCC) cheerleading team, The Cardinals, which as viewers will see in the upcoming season of Cheer, is one of Navarro’s biggest competitors. In his Instagram bio, Johnson also notes that he was a former cheerleader on The National Coed Premier Team.

Angel Rice

Rice is also one of Navarro’s competitors, as she’s a part of the Cardinal’s cheerleading team. She’s also a Guinness Book of World Records holder for doing the most double full twists in a minute after managing to complete 10.

Jeron Hazelwood

Hazelwood was a part of The Cardinals but graduated from TVCC in 2020, as noted by Decider. pourtant, his experience on this cheerleading team is documented in season two of Cheer.

Jada Wooten

Wooten is another new cast member and was a part of The Cardinals. While she’s in season two, she’s no longer a part of the team, as she recently joined the cheer team at Sam Houston State University.

DeVonte “Dee” Joseph

Joseph is also a part of The Cardinals and is known for his skills as a tumbler. En fait, he’s shared many videos of himself tumbling on Instagram.

Returning Characters:

Monica Aldama

Aldama, coach of the Navarro College’s cheerleading team is making her return to the hit documentary. At the end of season one, Monica won her 14th NCA Championship. Season two will follow Aldama’s life after this success, including how her team navigated the pandemic and different competitions.

Actuellement, she is still the head coach and recently released her first book, Full Out.

La’Darius Marshall

Marshall was a member of Aldama’s cheer team. At the end of season one, Marshall left Navarro to coach at a cheer gym in Flordia. pourtant, he ended up returning to the school for another year and season two of Cheer.

Actuellement, Marshall is in Flordia coaching cheerleading to children and has shared parts of his journey on Instagram.

Gabi Butler

Butler is another fellow alum from Navarro College’s cheer team. In the final episode of season one, she left the team to pursue other opportunities. Soon after this episode aired, Butler shared sur Instagram that she enrolled in Top Gun Cheer, one of the biggest cheer programs in the country.

pourtant, she decided to return to Navarro and will be in season two. According to her Instagram bio, Butler is currently cheering for Weber State University.

Lexi Brumback

In season one, Brumback was caught drinking, which led to her removal from Navarro’s team. pourtant, après Cheer finished filming, Aldama decided to let her return to Navarro.

Aside from cheerleading, Brumback has recently shared some of her artwork on her Instagram account.