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Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play MMORPG that’s available to play right now

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play MMORPG that’s available to play right now
Tower of Fantasy is a new massively multiplayer role-playing game with crossplay features on PC, Android and iOS. Here’s how to download it and what to expect

Tower of Fantasy is a new open-world role-playing jogos that sees players roam across a futuristic new world called “Aida“.

The game is set hundreds of years in the future, with the titular “tower of fantasy” constructed on a new planet to mine a comet for a potential new source of energy before an ensuing calamity lead to the world’s destruction.

The game was released on 10 agosto 2022 através PC, Android e iOS as a free-to-play title, meaning that players can download Tower of Fantasy for free on their platform of choice, as well as transfer their progress across devices.

While the title is still fresh out the gates, there have been over four million pre-registrations, with more in-game rewards for players being added to meet demand.

To find out how to download Tower of Fantasy, what rewards players can receive and how to customise characters, keep reading the rest of the article below.

How to download ‘Tower of Fantasy’

‘Tower of Fantasy’ launch trailer

Enquanto Tower of Fantasy is currently available to download on the official website, Apple’s Loja de aplicativos e Google Play, the game is currently still unavailable to download on Steam or the Epic Games store until a later date. We’ll keep you posted when that changes.

Customising characters in ‘Tower of Fantasy’

After downloading the game, players can create custom avatars of their character and amend elements such as their appearance, roupas, body type, skin colour, e cor dos olhos. And as updates are added to the game, more options will become available for players as they progress.

How to unlock ‘Tower of Fantasy’ early rewards

One of the first rewards players can unlock in Tower of Fantasy is the “Starpath Navigation” giveaway, that is available to players for 21 days after character creation.

By completing the main story mission “Ecologicial Station Intruders”, players can unlock the rewards page, to claim their early bonuses.

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During the event, specified missions can be completed to earn event points. The main rewards include an “SSR weapon box”, gold nuclei, and proof of purchase.

Pre-registration milestones can also be unlocked, as long as new players register before the 6 fevereiro 2023 cutoff date. By completing the same story mission, players will be eligible to unlock new cosmetics, currencies, dark crystals and gachapon vouchers.

To find out more about early in-game rewards, visit the official website.

Will ‘Tower of Fantasy’ have crossplay?

It’s been confirmed that Tower of Fantasy will have crossplay across different platforms, meaning that iOS users will be able to play with Android and PC users. As well as player versus player (PvP), users can also play in co-operative modes by adding each other to their respective friends lists.

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