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Kyle Rittenhouse says ‘I wouldn’t accept a penny’ for publicity tour

Kyle Rittenhouse says ‘I wouldn’t accept a penny’ for publicity tour
‘I’m taking back my character’ says 18-year-old who killed two people at a Black Lives Matter protest

Kyle Rittenhouse, who was recently found not guilty of homicide charges, has not been compensated for any part of his post-trial publicity tour, he claims.

I haven’t been offered a penny, and I wouldn’t accept a penny because I’m out here taking back my character telling the world who I am and defending myself in the public opinion,” he told Fox News before being a speaker at the Turning Point USA conference in Phoenix last weekend.

Mr Rittenhouse was among the top billing guests at the event and received a standing ovation when he came on stage as his own theme song was playing.

He has been revered by aspects of the political right since shooting three men, two of them fatally, during a protest in support of Black Lives Matter in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Since arguing he shot the men in self defece and being aquitted of all charges, Mr Rittenhouse has done numerous media interviews.

The 18-year-old has met former President Donald Trump post-trial, has been offered an internship with Representative Madison Cawthorn, while Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said the teen is worthy of the Congressional Gold Medal.

Mr Rittenhouse has been outspoken about being “frustrated” about the rhetoric surrounding his case, and being portrayed as a racist. “It was frustrating, because I knew it was all lies,” he said in an interview with Fox News’s Pete Hegseth.

He’s also said that the media is more powerful thаn the US legаl system becаuse it “cаn hаve а big influence on the generаl public,” and could have had an impact on his own case.

President Joe Biden has said he felt “angry and concerned” over the verdict of Mr Rittenhouse’s trial, but respected the court’s verdict.

“While the verdict in Kenosha will leave many Americans feeling angry and concerned, myself included, we must acknowledge that the jury has spoken,” said a White House statement.