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Wolff en Horner wedywering is 'n 'front', beweer Hill

Wolff en Horner wedywering is 'n 'front', beweer Hill
Wolff and Horner clashed in the 2021 F1 season but Hill doesn’t believe the rivalry

Former Formula 1 bestuurder Damon Hill believes Toto Wolff en Christian Horner’s rivalry is a “front”.

The two team bosses of Mercedes and Red Bull have exchanged strong words in the press building a tension between them and adding to the Lewis Hamilton en Max Verstappen’s rivalry.

Horner even told Sky ahead of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix that while he respects Wolff, he doesn’t have to like him. Egter, Hill has waded in on their relationship and believes it isn’t entirely real.

“I think it’s a front, eintlik,” Hill said on the F1 Nation podcast. “I think it’s a front that they’ve put on. It’s just so sad, that you have these two camps.

“They’re both experiencing all the pressure, and all the same or similar kind of experiences. The victories, the defeats, and the kind of rivalry and all that they’re experiencing.

“But they can’t share it together, do you know what I mean? Maybe one day, when the war is over, they’ll be able to have a cup of tea together.”

Hill’s view wasn’t shared by his Sky colleague Natalie Pinkham but she did concede the pair don’t dislike each other.

“I don’t [think it’s a front]," sy het gese. “I think they’re very different people, who actually probably wouldn’t really enjoy a beer together.

“I just think they’re different people. They’re both great, but they’re very different and it’s the same with Max and Lewis. They don’t dislike each other, but they would never sit down and have a natter and a bowl of pasta together. I think we’re talking about very different characters.”