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Roads melt in UK heatwave – følg live

Roads melt in UK heatwave - følg live
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<p>People enjoy the sun on Southend beach in Essex during a UK heatwave</s><p>People enjoy the sun on Southend beach in Essex during a UK heatwave</s>

People enjoy the sun on Southend beach in Essex during a UK heatwave

Most of the country is expected to see another day of hot and dry weather, etter temperatures have soared into the late 20s and early 30Cs this week.

Road melting has been reported across the country during the heat, including in Cornwall, Gloucestershire, Somerset and Worcestershireall covered a extreme heat warning due to expire at the end of the day.

Despite the warm weather, parts of the country have been hit with hail over the past week, which has crushed gardens and smashed windows in some places. In Leicestershire, residents described it as the size of tennis balls.

The heatwave is expected to continue until the weekend, when the weather is expected to take a more unsettled turn and temperatures due to fall back towards average.


UK braces for wet weekend

A heatwave which has baked the UK over the last few days is expected to end with thunderstorms across much of England and Wales this weekend, forecasters have warned.

The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning across much of England and Wales on Saturday and Sunday, saying heavy rain and thundery showers could cause flooding and transport disruption.

But meteorologist Tom Morgan said that while some areas within the warning zone could see a month’s worth of rain, the storms were unlikely to be as bad as those seen on Tuesday.

“The weekend weather is just going to be more generally wet," han sa.


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Thursday’s forecast

Here is what the Met Office says about the forecast for today:

“Another hot, dry and sunny day for most. Isolated afternoon showers may affect parts of Wales, northern and central England and more cloud in western parts turning sunshine more hazy. Cloudier in the far north.”

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Roads melt across country

The blistering temperatures of the last few days have led to roads melting in several areas of England, with the surface sticking to car tyres.

Road crews have sought to alleviate disruption by spreading grit and dust on the asphalt to create temporary solid surfaces until more extensive examinations and repairs can be undertaken.

Road melting has been reported in places such as Cornwall, Somerset, Worcestershire and Staffordshire.

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UK Weather: British roads melt in heatwave ahead of ‘torrential’ weekend rain

Roads have been melting amid the UK’s first ‘extreme heat’ warning

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Hello and welcome to our rolling coverage of UK weather amid the current heatwave.

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