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Woman dies after tearing an artery on a rollercoaster at Ohio theme park

Woman dies after tearing an artery on a rollercoaster at Ohio theme park
The ride was deemed safe after a woman was found unconscious on the roller coaster. She later died after tearing an artery.

An autopsy of a kvinne has explained the mysterious conditions surrounding her død after riding a rollercoaster i Indiana.

Dawn Jankovic, 48, from Brunswick, Ohio went on The Voyager rollercoaster at Holiday World & Splashin’ Safari. When the ride ended, she was found unconscious. After being given emergency care at the park and taken urgently for car at the local hospital, she was later she was pronounced dead.

Her cause of death was unknown until the Dubois County coroner’s report on 7 juli.

Katie Schuck, the county coroner, delivered the news that Ms Jankovic had died of severe internal bleeding, artery tears and the impact of the rollercoaster. They believe that the ride caused damage to Ms Jankovic’s right internal thoracic artery, which led to quick blood loss.

derimot, the ride was not faulty, as Ms Schuck said the death “had nothing to do with the ride itself”.

Hun sa, “it basically was the force. It was just a reaction her body had from riding the ride. It had nothing to do with a malfunction or anything, as far as safety and that kind of thing.”

Ms Jankovic’s death therefore was ruled an accident. Following her admission to the hospital on 6 juni, the ride was checked and then remained closed out of “respect for the family”.

“It was determined that the ride operated as it was intended to,” a representative from Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari said, i følge de Kansas City Star. “The ride remained closed for the evening out of respect for the family.”

På onsdag, theme park spokesperson Sabrina Jones once again expressed sympathy for Ms Jankovic and her family.

“Our hearts continue to go out to Dawn’s family, friends and all those who have been impacted by her loss. The wellbeing of our guests and team members is our number one concern every day.

“The park’s ride and attractions have delivered hundreds of millions of thrilling experiences through the years and our vigilance in taking care of our guests, as well as our team members can be counted on in everything we do.”