東京のオムニアムとケイリンのルールは何ですか 2020?

東京のオムニアムとケイリンのルールは何ですか 2020?
東京オリンピックのオムニアムとケイリンとは? イベント, ルールと敗者復活戦の意味

オリンピックで最も愛され、最も著名なスポーツの1つ, トラックサイクリングはすべての現代で紹介されています オリンピック競技 ストックホルム以外 1912, トラック上の女性のイベントが追加されました 1988.

イギリスはリオの競輪場で6個の金メダルを獲得しました 2016 今回は少しスケジュールを広げて, チームキャプテンジェイソンと ローラ・ケニー そして、選ばれた残りのチームGBチームは、再び表彰台に大きく登場することを目指しています。.

マディソンから競輪を知る? オムニアムが実際にどのように機能するかについて混乱している? トラックサイクリングのよりユニークな要素のいくつかを支援するための便利な専門用語バスターとガイドがあります:


競輪場は、2つのストレートと2つの180度の円形ベンドで構成されるトラックサイクリングのアリーナです。 19th 世紀, 変化するために使用されるサイズ, しかしそれ以来 1990 スポーツのほとんどの主要なイベントはに開催されます 250 メータートラック.

トラックサイクリングはすべて静岡県伊豆ベロドロームで開催されます。 東京 2020.



前回のオリンピック以来、競争は合理化されています, そして現在、2日間から1日と4つのイベントで開催されています, リオデジャネイロでの6つのイベント大会.

4つの別々の束イベントは: スクラッチレース, テンポレース, エリミネーションレースとポイントレース.

ライダーは、ポイントスケールに基づいて最初の3つのイベントでポイントを蓄積します, その後、ポイントレースに持ち込まれます. During the course of this race riders may lose or gain points from their total, and the winner is the rider with the most points at the end of the fourth event, which is 25km for men and 20km for women.

The scratch race is a traditional first across the line race held over 10km for men and 7.5km for women, while the tempo race covers the same distance, but awards a point to the first rider crossing the line on each lap (20 points can also be earned by lapping the field).

The elimination race is a bunch race in which the last rider to cross the line every two laps is eliminated.

Italy’s Elia Viviani took gold in the men’s Omnium at Rio 2016, while Kenny will be looking to take a third successive Omnium Olympic title since the event’s introduction into the women’s track cycling program.

France’s Benjamin Thomas and Yumi Kajihara of Japan are the respective world champins heading to Tokyo.

What is the Keirin?

An event of great tradition and particular significance in Japan, the Keirin has a peculiar look.

東京で, six riders will begin the race behind a motorized device to progressively reach a specific speed of 50 kilometres per hour, before exiting the track with three laps to go – slightly longer than at the last Olympics, when the final sprint covered two and a half laps.

The cyclists will sprint in a succession of knockout rounds held over two days at the Izu Velodrome. Riders knocked out in the first round of heats do get a second opportunity via a repechage system.

The repechages see riders effectively get a second chance at qualification with the top two in each heat making it through to join those already qualified.

Jason Kenny succeeded former Great Britain teammate and two-time Olympic Keirin champion Chris Hoy by taking one of his three golds from Rio 2016 in the event. Elis Ligtlee (オランダ) is the defending female champion.

What is the Madison?

Returning to the Olympics after not being held at either London 2012 or Rio 2016, Madison is a team event for two riders. It is a relay race held over 50km for men and 30km for women, with a succession of intermediate sprints every 10 laps.

The two team members alternate between racing and resting, with the rider not racing remaining on the track before being thrown back into the action via a hand sling from their team mate.

Points are awarded at each intermediate sprint, while any team that gains a lap on the main bunch earns an extra 20 ポイント; any team lapped has 20 points deducted.

The final sprint after the full distance is covered is worth double points – starting from a maximum of 10.

A female competition will be held in the Madison for the first time at Tokyo 2020, with Laura Kenny adding the event to her schedule as she bids to become Great Britain’s most successful female Olympian.

The two-time World Championship winning Dutch pairing of Kirsten Wild and Amy Pieters are likely to be Kenny and partner Katie Archibald’s toughest opposition.

Fresh from guiding Mark Cavendish to a succession of stunning stage wins at the Tour de France, Denmark’s Michael Morkov will switch back to the track as he looks to cap a spectacular career with a long-awaited Olympics gold medal.

Morkov is a two-time world champion in the discipline, most recently alongside Lasse Norman Hansen.