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What are the rules on travel to Rome for England v Ukraine quarter-final?

What are the rules on travel to Rome for England v Ukraine quarter-final?
Exemptions may apply to travellers transiting Italy by car in 36 hours or less – but you are not advised to try it

Inglaterra’s qualification for the quarter-finals of the Euro 2020 finals has triggered a surge of interest in travelling to Rome for Saturday’s match against Ucrânia. But a tangle of red tape makes it unlikely any fans starting from the UK will be able to attend the game.

These are the key questions and answers.

Can I get a flight to Rome?

sim, the cheapest fare today is just £80 one-way from London Stansted on Ryanair.

But in order to fly, you will need to provide a certificate of a negative test for coronavirus, and complete the Italian version of the EU passenger locator form.

Having touched down in Italy, your problems are only just beginning.

O Italian foreign ministry diz:”Irrespective of the result of the test mentioned above, self-isolate for a period of five days, informing your local Health Authority in order to activate health surveillance procedures.”

You will need to quarantine until Sunday at the earliest, meaning you would have to watch the match from an Italian hotel room.

Breaking quarantine should of course not be contemplated, and a fine of €450 (£387) or more is intended to dissuade such law-breaking.

Além disso, the British government advises you should not travel to Italy, as it is on the amber list – and anyone who does return from there must self-isolate for 10 days on arrival in the UK.

Are there any loopholes?

The only possible option way in may be for “any person transiting, by private means, through Italian territory for a period not exceeding 36 horas, with the obligation, at the end of that period, to leave the national territory immediately”. In theory someone could drive in from France and exit to Switzerland, Austria or Slovenia, but the chances of getting the necessary permissions for such a journey look slim.

European nations are imposing increasingly strict rules because of the soaring cases of coronavirus in the UK and the prevalence of the Delta variant.

What about if I live elsewhere in Europe?

All roads lead much more smoothly to Rome.

You should be able to obtain an EU digital Covid Certificate showing proof that you have been completed a course of Covid vaccination at least two weeks ago, or have recovered from Covid, or have tested negative in the 48 hours before your arrival. You will need to inform the health authorities in the area of your presence.

I am a British expatriate living in Italy. Can I get a ticket?

Some England fans have tickets but cannot legally access the match, and it may be that some kind of legitimate marketplace is established to allow those to be returned and sold on to supporters who can attend.

But despite rumours to the contrary, the British ambassador in Rome, Jill Morris, cannot help.

An official statement read: “The British Embassy in Rome is not selling or distributing tickets for the match on Saturday in Rome and it is incorrect to report that it is.”

I’ve booked a trip for the match in Rome but cannot go. What are my rights for a refund?

It all depends on the nature of your booking. If it is an official package, with flights, accommodation and tickets included, then you should be entitled to a full refund under the Package Travel Regulations: it is impossible for the tour operator to deliver the trip you planned.

Many fans, Apesar, will have booked flights, accommodation and tickets separately. In this situation, there is no legal entitlement to your money back. Airlines will generally allow you to postpone your trip or take a voucher, and hoteliers may look kindly on your situation.

As yet, there is no clarity about match tickets.