The nine actors rumoured to replace Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who

The nine actors rumoured to replace Jodie Whittaker in Doctor Who
Here’s a list of the stars who bookies believe could be the next Time Lord

From the stars of 罪です to Michael Sheen, there’s a long list of actors being touted to replace ジョディウィテカードクター・フー.

There has been speculation about who will replace the first female Time Lord since January 2020, when rumours began that she would be leaving the role after completing the 13th season.

The series of Doctor Who currently airing – called Flux – is Whittaker’s final outing as the Doctor and will culminate in three specials broadcast in 2022.

Previous Doctors David Tennant, Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi also all left the show after three series.

The show’s new star will be joining ドクター・フー at an exciting time, with former showrunner Russell T Davies rejoining the series as head writer に 2023 for the show’s 60th anniversary.

Here’s a list of the actors who are tipped to replace Whittaker based on the latest betting odds from William Hill.

Omari Douglas – 6/4

Omari Douglas

A surprise addition to this list, 罪です star Douglas is now leading the pack to ride off into that Tardis. Roscoe Babatunde was his first TV role, but Douglas impressed both Davies and viewers with his performance and is now reported by 太陽 to be the new showrunner’s top pick to take over as The Doctor. In the coming months, he’ll be starring opposite Jessie Buckley and Eddie Redmayne in a new stage production of キャバレー in London’s West End.

Lydia West – 5/2


Another member of the 罪です キャスト, West has also worked alongside Davies on 年と年 (the TV show, not the band). While West hasn’t had many other TV roles to date, she did make a brief appearance in Steven Moffat’s Dracula and is currently the bookies’ second favourite choice to replace Whittaker. Could another female Doctor be on the horizon? We’ll have to wait and see.

Michael Sheen – 3/1

The 52-year-old actor has previous when it comes to starring in sci-fi and fantasy, having appeared in Good Omens, Underworld そして Tron: 遺産. The role would be convenient for him, あまりにも, as he lives in Wales, about half an hour from where the show is filmed. Added to this, Sheen has connections. He recently starred in Staged alongside Tennant, a former Time Lord.

Olly Alexander – 4/1


For a long time, Alexander was the frontrunner to play the Doctor. Like Douglas and West, he also starred in 罪です (in which he actually appeared in a ドクター・フー-based scene) and is a multi talented performer who sings live with Years and Years (バンド, not the TV show) as well as acting. しかしながら, he’s since slipped down this list, after saying in a recent interview with British GQ that he was “never” going to take over from Whittaker. “I can categorically tell you that I am not the next Doctor," 彼が追加した. He has since backed Douglas for the role.

Michaela Coel – 5/1


Coel is now a Bafta and Emmy winner for her work on 私はあなたを破壊するかもしれません, but the actor is still in the running among the bookies to play the Doctor. 34歳, who was recently cast in the new Black Panther film, has previously denied any involvement in the BBC series. に 2017, 彼女はツイートした: “Dr Who? Lol nah, I’m actually definitely not the next Dr Who. Also happy to collect the money you would have laid down in the betting shop.” However, she was less firm on the rumours in a recent interview, それを言って she’d “never say never” to the role.

Lucy Lawless – 9/1

Lucy Lawless

Xena: Warrior Princess star Lawless makes her way up this list after recently revealing that ドクター・フー is the genre series she wants to join next. “You name it, I’d want to do it,” the New Zealand native told ニューズウィーク. “You want [役割] with a bit of humour. It just helps get through the day. Comedy is always a lovely way of working.”

T’Nia Miller – 9/1

T’Nia Miller

Also in the running to play the Doctor is British actor Miller, who is best known for her performances in The Haunting of Bly Manor そして Marcella. She has a connection to Davies, having worked with him on Banana, Cucumber そして 年と年. 興味深いことに, Miller has already been on ドクター・フー, having made an appearance in the 2015 episode “Hell Bent”. Not that that’s stopped the show before – Peter Capaldi famously appeared on ドクター・フー in another role before getting the call, as did companions Freema Agyeman and Karen Gillan.

Rose Matafeo – 14/1

Rose Matafeo

New Zealand-born comedian Rose Matafeo is a recent addition to this list. The comic is a mainstay on UK panel shows, but is best known for writing and starring in her own BBC sitcom スターストラック 今年の初め. She’s also a previous winner of the Edinburgh Comedy Award.

Hannah John-Kamen – 14/1

Hannah John-Kamen

Another new addition to the bookies’ favourites, could John-Kamen be the next Time Lord? She’s certainly appeared in her fair share of sci-fi and fantasy, including roles in ゲーム・オブ・スローンズ, レディプレイヤー1, アントマンとワスプ and the forthcoming バイオハザード リブート. There’s yet another Davies connection here too – she appeared in two episodes of Cucumber に 2015.

ドクター・フー continues Sunday 5 December at 6.20pm on BBC One.