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Aldi’s new heated blanket is a winter saviour – and just £23

Aldi’s new heated blanket is a winter saviour – and just £23
If you’re suffering in the cold winter weather, Aldi’s new heated blankets will keep you toasty this season and beyond and cost just £23

While much of England has been graced with some seriously sunny spells of late, the winter chill has been no joke.

Selvfølgelig, you could crank up the heating in the evenings but that’s likely to set you back a few extra pounds, so we’ve got the next best thing: an electric blanket.

While nothing particularly new – heated under blankets are placed on top of your madrass and beneath a sheet and work to warm it up – they do make climbing into bed an even more dreamy and cosy experience.

But they often tend to cost £50 or more. heldigvis, Aldi is selling a range of options from just £22.99, and we think they’re going to be your wintertime saviours.

In our opinion, they look like real game-changers. Here’s everything you need to know about Aldi’s offering.

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Easy Home king electric blanket: £ 22,99, Aldi.co.uk

This electric blanket seems particularly impressive. It has two different heating zomes – upper and lower – meaning you can tailor how warm you want each area of your body to be. I tillegg til, there are three different temperature settings and it automatically switches off after three hours, so you’re unlikely to wake up in the night sweating. If you’re concerned about whether it’ll stay in place, there are four nifty tie cords that will secure it in place. And it’s also available in single (£16.99, Aldi.co.uk) and double (£ 19,99, Aldi.co.uk) sizes – the latter is currently out of stock but it might be available in your local store.

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Easy Home double dual heated under-blanket: £ 34,99, Aldi.co.uk

Where the blanket above has only one controller, this has two – meaning each half can be heated to a different temperature, making it an ideal choice for bed sharers. It has six heat options and 10 different settings, so you can choose how long it stays on. Best of all is that owing to its fitted sheet design, it looks as though it’ll easily stay in place on top of your madrass.

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