‘Had to go home for nap time with a disappointed toddler,’ one parent tweets after ride closures

カイリー・ジェンナー そして トラビススコット are facing a backlash from fellow parents after they reportedly shut down rides at a local 動物園 with their visit.

日曜日に, カップル, who are currently expecting their second child, brought their three-year-old daughter Stormi Webster to the Houston Zoo.

しかしながら, による ヒューストンクロニクル, during the family’s visit, the zoo took certain “safety” measures, such as closing the carousel twice during Stormi’s rides, which prompted outrage from fellow zoo visitors.

と話す KPRC, Crystal Stemberger said that the celebrity couple’s arrival meant that her three-year-old daughter was kicked out of the line for the carousel “twice”.

“We’re going to the carousel because it’s her favourite thing to do. She does it every time we’re there. We scanned her ticket, she got in line maybe two people in or three people about to get on the carousel and then they cleared the entire place out,” Stemberger said, adding that they later tried again but the carousel was shut again. “12 kids were in line the first time, 多分 14 the second time because it had just reopened.

“They weren’t as important as this family? That doesn’t make sense to me.”

Stemberger also shared her grievances with the visit on Twitter, 彼女が書いた場所: “They kicked my three year old out of the carousel line after scanning her ticket TWICE today. Had to go home for nap time with a disappointed toddler.”

The visit also prompted criticism from others on social media, 他の人がツイートしている: “​​Kylie Jenner going to the Houston Zoo and forcing kids and parents off of rides and out of lines so she can privately ride them is so … mean …” while someone else said that they were “glad” they skipped their zoo visit.

“It was ridiculous the zoo did that. #BoycottTheHoustonZoo,」と彼らは付け加えた.

の声明で KPRC, a Houston Zoo spokesperson confirmed that the carousel had been closed “twice for 30 minutes each time” to accommodate “special guests on a VIP tour”.

しかしながら, in a separate statement to the ヒューストンクロニクル, the zoo said that, while it did not like to close any part of the park, “sometimes security measures must be taken for everyone’s safety”.

“While we never like to close any part of the zoo, sometimes security measures must be taken for everyone’s safety,」スポークスマンは言った, adding that “VIP experiences are designed on a case-by-case basis”.

According to the zoo’s ウェブサイト, general admission tickets cost $18.45 に $22.20, while carousel rides cost an additional $4.

独立者 has contacted the Houston Zoo for comment.