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Dr Dre ‘angry’ at being served divorce papers at grandmother’s funeral

Dr Dre ‘angry’ at being served divorce papers at grandmother’s funeral
Nicole Young filed for divorce against the rapper in June 2020

Dr Dre has been served with divorce papers while attending the funeral of his grandmother.

Selon TMZ, the rapper and producer was graveside when agents working on behalf of his ex-wife, Nicole Young, served him legal papers.

The documents in question allegedly relate to payment fees for Young’s attorneys. A judge had ordered Dre to pay $1.5m (1 million £). Dre claims he has paid the amount in full but Young contests that there is still a balance due.

The outlet also claim that Dre refused to take the documents and “recoiled in anger”.

Dre and Young were officially divorced in June of this year after marrying in 1996. Whilst they are now legally separated, they are still engaged in a battle over financial arrangements.

Dre was previously ordered to pay $300,000 (£217,000) per month in spousal support.

There was also a dispute regarding the validation of a prenuptial agreement the couple made. Young claimed that Dre tore it up, legally invalidating it.

Dre was recently announced to be performing at the upcoming Super Bowl halftime show along with close collaborators Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg and Mary J Blige. It will be the first time all five have performed live together.

Plus tôt cette année, the NWA co-founder was hospitalised with a brain aneurism, during which his home was burgled.

L'indépendant have contacted Dr Dre’s representatives for comment.