Nick Collins said the idea is ‘unworkable’ in the hospitality sector.

The boss of bar and restaurant group Loungers has labelled the Government’s recent messaging around Covid-19 rules as “absolutely shambolic” and described COVID passports as “unworkable” for the hospitality sector.

Nick Collins, chief executive of the 175-site business, also told the PA news agency that he “can’t imagine a scenario” where Covid certification would be necessary for his customers.

それは後に来る 首相 announced on Monday that full vaccination will be a condition of entry to clubs and other venues with large crowds in イングランド from the end of September.

火曜日に, a spokesman for ボリス・ジョンソン refused to rule out a similar requirement for busy pubs and bars.

Mr Collins said such a move would be another major blow to the hospitality sector and criticised the Government’s communication over potential rule changes.

Kini Lounge (5th September 2014)

“The messaging from the 政府 on this issue has been absolutely shambolic and completely unhelpful,” he told PA.

“I don’t think certification would be likely to applicable for us but I have to stress that it is completely unworkable for everyone in the sector.

“Not only that, it’s a massive violation of civil liberties. It shouldn’t be something we are talking about.”

The warning came as Loungers, which runs individually-named Lounge venues and the Cosy Club brand, reported a recovery in trading following the end of the latest lockdown measures.

It said like-for-like sales increased by 23.7% from the indoor reopening of venues on May 17 to July 18, の同時期と比較して 2019.

Loungers said it has benefited from past-pandemic trends as flexible work patterns has resulted in busier local high streets.

Mr Collins said: “We’ve certainly benefited from our focus on high streets in towns and suburban areas.

“Footfall has stayed strong as even if people are working from home more they are still popping in for a coffee or a brunch.”

The group said it is committed to opening more sites and expects to have 23 new locations by the end of 2021.